Black Friday Shopper Buys More Than $1,500 In Video Games [Photo]

A Redditor snapped a photo of a Black Friday shopper purchasing a large amount of video games — more than $1,500 worth.

The user, named mklinkers, posted the picture with the description, “Her total was $1,688.”

When other Reddit users asked if the woman gave a reason why she was buying so many games, mklinkers responded, “Nope, she paid all in cash and rushed out.” Redditor lethargicwalrus posited, “Probably didn’t want to get robbed.” Another user, omgsus, said, “Or get away from creepy people taking pictures of them in line…”

Many users speculated that the woman was a reseller, and was buying the games at discounted prices just to sell them for retail prices later. Senorbarriga57 said, “[Resellers] try to markup the prices and get more money but in the end up with unsellable merchandise.”

Bardlar responded, “Possible. Also, right now there are Black Friday sales on. If she gets things 10 to twenty bucks cheaper, it could be easier than normal to turn a profit.”

Still others speculated that the woman was buying the games for a charity or was planning to donate them. Aqaspecification wrote:

“Why is this wtf? Maybe she works in a youth centre and was given a budget and sent out to purchase a load of games for a video game library. Maybe she works for a charity that distributes gifts to poor kids. Maybe they’re discounted and she thinks she can resell. There are just loads of reasons this could be a reasonable thing to do.”

Tanner88 wrote, “Or could be picking them up for others that didn’t want to go out in the havoc.”

Shopper purchases more than $1,500 in video games

Why do you think this woman spent so much money on video games? Did you see any shoppers spending large amounts during Black Friday?