April The Giraffe Baby Watch: New Photos Reveal Calf May Be Born Within Two Days

Giraffe baby watch is officially underway and according to new photos released by the Harpursville, New York zoo, Animal Adventures Park, there’s growing reason to believe April the giraffe could have her baby within two days. If the baby isn’t born within two days, the birth could most likely be this week. The possibility of an April Fool’s giraffe baby is becoming a reality for those continuing their baby watch. April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the park with her five-year-old mate Oliver “Ollie” and approximately 200 0ther animals. The park observed mating behavior in October 2015 and had an estimated birth window for a new giraffe baby to arrive on the scene between January and February 2017. Giraffes are pregnant for approximately 15 months and can conceive every 14-17 days. This high rate of conception makes it very difficult for zookeepers worldwide to accurately predict giraffe due dates.

Anyone following April the giraffe via live cam or regularly visits the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page will know how difficult it has been to predict an accurate due date for the soon-to-arrive giraffe baby. Because of this, zookeepers, including the zoo’s owner Jordan Patch are using physical observations to carefully watch and hopefully predict active labor, delivery, and the birth of the new giraffe baby. New changes revealed in photos show that April may have her baby giraffe within two days as her teats are growing and are becoming filled. The changes have sparked giraffe baby watch and people are buying bottles of champagne to toast the new arrival. Are you holding a giraffe watch baby party?

If you haven’t watched the live giraffe cam from the New York zoo, you may see it in the following video player. Included in the playlist are other Animal Adventure Park videos featuring April, zoologists who work with her such as Allysa and Corey, veterinarian Dr. Tim who examines April and her baby at least once per day, and video footage of other animals that live at the park. Those who are currently on active baby watch make sure to watch the giraffe cam at every opportune moment. At this point, there are no more signs or changes to look for. April has met all the milestones expected and active labor truly may begin at any moment. You may watch the live giraffe cam and other important AAP videos in the following playlist.