‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Draws Largest Audience In Four Years

ABC’s airing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving drew the largest audience in four years, according to CNN.

Compared to the numbers generated during last year’s airing, the cartoon’s audience had increased nearly 22 percent. Overall, the Charlie Brown special brought in nearly 8.1 million viewers.

According to Wikipedia, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired on November 20, 1973. It is the tenth prime time special based around Charles Schultz’s popular comic strip characters. Although previous airings of the cartoon have been trimmed for time, this year’s broadcast was aired uncut and unedited.

While the Thanksgiving-oriented adventures of Charlie Brown are considered by many to be a holiday tradition, some people have taken issue with the animated special. According to Twitchy, many individuals expressed their displeasure over the allegedly racist broadcast on Twitter.

“You gotta love vaguely-racist-towards-Native-American people Peanuts Thanksgiving specials,” one user tweeted.

“The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special should really be called, ‘You’re a Racist, Charlie Brown,’ ” another opined.

“Charlie Brown is racist. Black kids sitting on one side of the able all by himself,” another viewer complained.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, this isn’t the only Charlie Brown special that has sparked a bit of controversy as of late. An atheist group was reportedly irritated that a group of students in Little Rock, Arkansas were taken to a church to see a stage production of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers explained that, while many were opposed the field trip, several parents were afraid to speak out about the scheduled trip to the church.

“The parents that we know in this situation are reluctant to speak up because they are concerned about their kids being singled out and bullied,” one group member explained.

Although the Charlie Brown specials have been around for several decades, the stories continue to tug at the heartstrings of families around the holidays. Are you a fan of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?