Tennessee Family Dies In Personal Plane Crash On Way Home From Walt Disney World

A family of four were heading back to their home in Tennessee after a Spring Break vacation at Walt Disney World when tragedy struck. The Crenshaw family were flying back in their own private plane when something just went wrong, and the aircraft was said to just “come apart” somehow in mid-air, which led to a crash landing and the deaths of all four people.

ABC 3340 reported on Monday evening that the brother of the victim’s family confirmed the identity of all victims in the crash. It had been revealed that the victims in the plane crash were 45-year-old Joseph Crenshaw, his 43-year-old wife, Jennifer, their 14-year-old daughter, Jillian, and 16-year-old son, Jacob.

The crash happened on Saturday afternoon in Hayden, Alabama, and the relatives of the Tennessee family did release a statement.

“The relatives are grief stricken and in shock. They are a prominent family in Jackson Tennessee with roots that go back to the revolutionary war.”

Joseph Crenshaw was a well-known name at a branch of First Tennessee Bank where he worked in multiple positions. At the bank, Crenshaw was a vice president, regional director, and a senior financial advisor.

On Sunday, agents from both the NTSB and FAA were working as quickly as possible to pick up the debris of the Cessna 210. Agents are still trying to figure out exactly what happened as the plane literally appeared to just “come apart” in mid-air, and it eventually led to the crash near a Dollar General store.

The family was in their Cessna 210 and flying back home to Jackson, Tennessee from Walt Disney World when a radio call of desperation came through the scanner, according to ABC 3340.

The call said, “This is going to be a Cessna 210. Definitely. This is confirmed through Birmingham (AL) tower.”

A number of Alabama resident said they began finding debris and some of the wreckage in their yards.

According to the New York Daily News, the exact cause of the plane crash is still not known, but weather and flight logs are being looked into. It is expected that rain and some heavy winds may have played a big role in the crash.

Jillian and Jacob both attended the private University School of Jackson, which was on Spring Break over the course of the past week. That is why the family decided to take their vacation at Walt Disney World, and the school has since issued a statement regarding the sad situation.

“Our school community is grieving the heartbreaking loss of the Crenshaw family. Yesterday, we lost 10th-grade student Jacob and 8th grader Jillian, along with their parents Joseph and Jennifer, in an accident as they were returning from a spring break trip to Florida.

“We wanted to make you aware that we will have our counselors Debbie Anton and Laura Moore, plus area youth pastors and counselors on campus in the coming days to comfort our students and faculty as they face this sudden loss.”

People is reporting that the small plane took off from Kissimmee, Florida, which is very close to Walt Disney World, at 12:52 p.m. on Saturday. The accident happened over Hayden, Alabama at 2:30 p.m. Debris ended up falling across five fields that went for almost a mile.

Other family members are still trying to deal with the shock and grief of the tragic situation that took the lives of all four members of the Crenshaw family. The plane crash after their Spring Break visit to Walt Disney World brought a horrible ending to the family after they were able to spend some good and fun times together in Florida.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]