‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Could Serena Baldwin Be Returning To Port Charles?

General Hospital has seen many kids come and go over the years; some never to be seen on screen again. One youngster, Serena Baldwin, has not been on the ABC soap since 2003. This well-loved character, played by actress Carly Schroeder, is the daughter of Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe, and rumor after rumor has been flying for years that she would return, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, there may just be a few hints that this could indeed be true this time.

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had a scene with Scott and Lucy sitting down together at the MetroCourt discussing Ava Jerome. Lucy is blackmailing her with the bottle of pills that she found in the trash can. These are Morgan’s drugs that Ava switched out, which may have led to his untimely death. Lucy is threatening to tell Sonny and Carly the truth. According to Soaps She Knows, Scotty is trying to make peace between the two ladies, but nothing he says is working.

So, Scott is trying another tactic to make his ex see reason when it comes to spilling the beans about Ava’s involvement with Morgan’s death. He mentioned their daughter Serena to Lucy in hopes of making her feel guilty over what she is doing. Is this some kind of hint that the General Hospital writers are planning on bringing her back soon?

This could very well be happening, but then again, these rumors have crept up many times before. Every once in a while, her name has been mentioned in passing, and nothing has come of it. However, this time could be different. Having Serena come back to Port Charles sometime soon would be good for both Lucy and Scott.

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Maybe Serena could talk some sense into her mom and stop her from trying to be so manipulative and stooping to blackmail. Scott mentioned the fact that she hasn’t been for a visit for a very long time, and he is pretty sure that it is because of her parents. In fact, he threatened to tell Serena exactly what her mom is doing right now if she doesn’t stop it. That didn’t seem to bother her much, and she ended up storming off to Sonny’s house.

There could be nothing to it, but the fact that there was a major discussion between those two about Serena not visiting them could very well be an indication that she could show up soon. In addition to that, Carly Schroeder had paid a visit to the set of General Hospital just last month and spent some time with her TV dad, Kin Shriner, as well. Is there a secret that hasn’t been spilled yet?

Of course, this could just be a coincidence since nothing has been said about her possible return to Port Charles, but it sure is fishy. One thing is for sure; General Hospital fans would be very excited to have her back. Many would like to see her interaction with her half-brother, Franco, and Schroeder also has great on screen father-daughter chemistry with Shriner as well.

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Lucy could use her daughter as a voice of reason as she is about to let Sonny and Carly in on Ava’s scheme. She will probably not go through with it, as according to spoilers by Soap Central, she will end up striking up some kind of deal with Ava to keep her mouth shut about the pill swap. It sounds like having Serena Baldwin back in town could prove useful.

Plus, General Hospital could use another younger character on there right now. In fact, fans have been taking to social media to express their desire for Serena to return as a possible love interest with Michael Corinthos. He has fallen for Nelle Hayes these days, so this would be an interesting story line to have Scott Baldwin’s daughter return all grown up.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you like to have Serena Baldwin back in Port Charles?

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