‘Scared’ Victoria’s Secret Manager Snaps On Black Friday Shoppers [Video]

Victoria's Secret manager loses it on impatient crowd

Kansas City, KS – Black Friday 2012 marches on, and the latest dust up concerning impatient shoppers brings us to Oak Park Mall in Kansas City, where the line of security guards at Victoria’s Secret was almost broken, causing the manager to stand above the crowd and plead with them to calm down.

As the video posted below begins, you can see Black Friday shoppers lining up and screaming in front of a closed gate at Victoria’s Secret. As the gate opens and the crowd cheers, they push forward into the line of frustrated security guards who provide a sweaty-browed bulwark against the rabid shoppers.

This goes on for several seconds, and some of the crowd manage to leak through. Finally, the Victoria’s Secret manager gets up on a chair and screams “Back up!” She waves her arms shouting “Stop pushing!” in an effort to calm the crowd, but it doesn’t seem to work. After a while, she proclaims “This is so scary! I don’t want to open the door!”

It seems to sort-of work after a little while. Black Friday shoppers stop pushing and screaming and remain in place while a few manage to sneak by security into the store.

We still hope against hope that no one gets hurt this year in the madness that is Black Friday, but a couple of incidents thus far have shown that some shoppers have gotten out of hand. In Texas, a man pulled a gun on an impatient shopper who punched him in the face as he tried to cut the line at a Sears store, and in Massachusetts, a man was in such a rush to get a good deal on a flat screen TV that he forgot his girlfriend’s son, and his car, at a local Kmart.

Here’s the video of the Black Friday madness at Victoria’s Secret in Kansas City’s Oak Park Mall. Be safe, shoppers.