Jinger Duggar Faces Instagram Rumors As Pregnant Jill Dillard Does Mission Work

Jinger Duggar is starting her own life with her husband Jeremy Vuolo in Laredo, Texas. Since she is part of the Duggar family, it’s natural that all the fans of Jill & Jessa: Counting On are wondering when she will get pregnant and have her first baby. The couple got married just five months ago, so it may be a little too early in the game, but considering that her sister Jessa Duggar got pregnant just before her first wedding anniversary, it’s very likely that Jinger will have some good news to share.

The 23-year-old wife of Jeremy Vuolo shared a picture on Instagram, which sparked speculations on her being pregnant. Many of her followers have commented, “baby bump?” and “you look amazing, Jinger,” giving their full support of her potential secret.


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However, the others also have acknowledged that this may just be a food baby.

“How would your self esteem feel if 100 strangers started congratulating you and you weren’t pregnant?” A commenter by the name of homesweethomeschooler wrote. “Have some manners people.”

Chloemidkid also wrote, “Y’all really shouldn’t just assume that she’s pregnant. If she’s not that will end up with a lot of embarrassment for you and will come across as an insult to Jinger. You look beautiful Jinger! :) Hope you and Jeremy are doing well and enjoying life.”

Whatever her status is, Jinger sure looks happy in her married life. Check out a sweet photo she posted, having a moment in church with her husband.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins ????

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It wasn’t too long ago that the 23-year-old newly married Duggar caused drama. While visiting a university in Texas with Jeremy, Mrs. Vuolo was seen sporting a pair of shorts – not a big deal if one grew up in the average http://www.inquisitr.com/4096915/jinger-duggar-instagram-pregnant-jill-dillard-mission-work/household – but a huge one if Duggars were against girls wearing pants.

But that doesn’t mean that Jinger is throwing all her family values away as she starts a new life in Laredo. She and her husband expressed their dedication toward God and family in their latest interview concerning their baby plans.

“Well, I love kids. I’m excited for the future, when Jeremy and I are married, to start a family,” she said in August, according to InTouch Weekly.

“We haven’t talked about size, but I know we both love children,” Jeremy Vuolo added. “They’re a joy. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides.”

As of right now, the only ones that are currently pregnant in the Duggar family are Jill Dillard and Anna Duggar, the wife of infamous Josh Duggar. Though she does not show off her baby bump on Instagram any more, it is safe to assume that Jill is now well into the second trimester of her pregnancy.

But with the mission work she is doing with her husband Derick Dillard in Central America, it is not an easy-going time for her.

“We have a short-term team here with us right now and we have been traveling a lot between a few different countries doing ministry traveling throughout Central America with this team,” Jill wrote on her family blog. “They will be with us a few more days and we are praying their time and efforts yields many hearts surrendered to Christ.”

She also shared a story about her doing mission work with younger kids, hoping that some of the stories she tells have a lasting impact on the children’s lives.

“On one of our recent visits to this village, I (Jill) was able to share my testimony and the gospel with 3 young girls, while Derick was speaking with some people and Israel was playing,” she wrote on the blog. “I know these girls have heard the gospel before, but when I asked them specific questions about what it meant, they couldn’t answer. I left them with a gospel tract and told them when we come back we can talk further. I am praying these girls will not just a “head knowledge” of God, but come to a personal relationship with Jesus.”

Right now, Jinger is happy enough to be sharing baby news of her siblings. She was so excited to be an aunt again when her older sister Jessa gave birth to another baby boy. Check out the picture she shared on her Instagram!

Baby Seewald is finally here, welcome to the world little man #babyseewald2

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Do you think Jinger will continue to create drama until she becomes pregnant with a child of her own? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]