Kenya Moore Gaining Support After Phaedra Parks Is Labeled Fake On ‘RHOA’

Kenya Moore has been labeled as a troublemaker on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as she was accused of causing problems in Phaedra Parks’ marriage a few seasons ago. Apollo Nida lied about Kenya texting him to hook up with him while in Los Angeles, and sadly, Nida’s wife believed every word. Even though the story has since been proven false, she can’t let go of the drama that once happened. And it sounds like Moore still feels the judgment.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now revealing that Phaedra can’t change the way she feels about herself, especially since Kenya knows that she has done nothing wrong. Moore has worked hard to fix their friendship, but it hasn’t really worked. Parks can’t let go of the past and will use any excuse to distance herself from Moore.

“No one else can tell you who you are and no one should care what anyone else thinks about them,” Kenya Moore revealed on Instagram, hinting that she’s referring to Phaedra Parks, who recently attacked her for trying to be her friend and host a divorce party.

Phaedra slammed Kenya Moore, saying that she saw no reason why a divorce should be celebrated. While Moore was trying to turn something negative into something positive, her co-star saw it as her celebrating a failed marriage and her children, who had been hurt in the process. Viewers felt that Parks’ reaction was unfair and downright wrong.

“I’m sitting here watching the reruns of the last few episodes… and thinking… how can she Phakedra… talk about the sacrament of marriage when she acting and talking inappropriate in front of Todd, Porcha’s bf. Then back on several vaca’s she’s even dressed inappropriate in front all the ladies husbands when she was still married. So I hope this reunion everyone talks about that Nastieness,” one person replied to Kenya on her Instagram post, sharing that Kenya should confront her co-star about her previous behavior on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

However, it wasn’t everyone who understood where Kenya was coming from. Some of her followers did try to think about Parks and everything she had been through with her divorce. She does have two children to think about, which might be something Kenya Moore hadn’t taken into consideration.

“I don’t think Phaedra was or did blame Kenya for the failure of her marriage. But I think she was feeling some kind of way since Kenya threw the divorce party given the whole flirting on her part n it was obvious Appollo lusting over Kenya. I think it stir up old feelings. I don’t think Kenya had bad intentions But I do think she instead tried at least to understand how it may be perceived given their history,” another person wrote on her Instagram account, hinting that perhaps Phaedra was dealing with a lot of stress.

And it is possible that Parks knew about some drama that didn’t make it onto The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On next week’s episode, Phaedra learns that her ex-husband, Apollo Nida, has gotten engaged to another woman. Even though he’s in jail and will probably be behind bars for the next five years, he’s ready to move on and get married again.

“You are ridiculous, what part of cutting ties with Matt do you not understand. You bring these problems on yourself,” one person wrote to Kenya Moore, asking her to stop playing the victim.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s post, which is very vague? Do you think she did something wrong with Phaedra?

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