Callie Blackwell Says Cannabis Oil Helped Son’s Cancer: ‘The Boy In 7 Billion’

A mother is creating plenty of buzz online after Callie Blackwell said that she gave her son, Deryn, cannabis to help ease his cancer symptoms. Instead of simply easing Deryn’s cancer symptoms, the cannabis concoction is being credited by Blackwell with helping her son make a miraculous recovery — although Callie doesn’t call cannabis a “cancer cure” in and of itself. The book titled The Boy in 7 Billion by Callie Blackwell is set to be published on April 6 and is currently in pre-order status on Amazon. However, Callie and Deryn can be seen in the below video speaking about their journey in using cannabis for Deryn.

According to the Mirror, Callie expected her son Deryn to die from the ravages of cancer. Deryn had experienced a tremendous amount of pain from the results of cancer, which had been treated with many rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He couldn’t eat and was addicted to morphine due to its painkilling properties, and all his hair was gone. Bone marrow transplants had failed to work for Deryn.

The situation was dire after Callie’s son had fought a rare form of cancer for four years. The 37-year-old Callie described celebrating her then 14-year-old son’s birthday in a hospital. When Deryn’s situation looked impossible, Callie and her husband Simon decided to give Deryn cannabis in a last-ditch effort to help relieve anxiety and pain. The couple cooked the cannabis in their pressure cooker, and Callie put a bit of it in Deryn’s mouth.

Miraculously, Callie noted that Deryn was immediately calmed, and his condition began to improve over time. Callie doesn’t want people to think cannabis cured her son’s cancer. However, she noted that cannabis helped Deryn, who was diagnosed with cancer as a 10-year-old child.

As a result, Callie believes cannabis treatments should be further studied for cancer patients. With the treatment being illegal, Callie noted how afraid she was to try it. She recalled the day that she and her husband and Deryn learned that he had cancer of the blood, an aggressive form that left Deryn with the second highest white blood count their physicians had ever seen.

After chemotherapy, Deryn eventually began to complain about his throat being in pain in January 2012. Removal of his tonsils revealed that they were cancerous. Bone marrow transplants failed. Callie and the family celebrated Christmas early, on December 14, because they didn’t think Deryn would live until December 25.

Deryn wasn’t afraid of death, but Callie and Simon gave him the cannabis treatment they had researched online, and in the week following the cannabis treatment, Deryn’s hand had healed from an infection. His blood count improved.

Callie kept giving her son the cannabis in secret, not telling his doctors, but varying the amounts of cannabis to see how much would help. Callie doesn’t know why the cannabis helped, she only knows it did. Therefore, she wrote her book to help others that may want to try the same cannabis treatment.

“Through everything, I always believed things happen for a reason and now I think maybe that reason is to tell Deryn’s story to others. And hopefully it may start a wider conversation about treatments for cancer and help others. Then, yes, it will all have been for a good reason.”

Callie told the Mirror that she believes she is meant to tell Deryn’s story so that it might help others. In the meantime, Callie’s story is already reverberating around the world wide web. Published on Monday, March 27, Callie’s article via the Mirror has been shared nearly 25,000 times on social media within a matter of hours.

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