Chris Brown Cancels Show In Guyana

chris brown

Chris Brown isn’t welcome in Guyana. The R&B singer cancelled an upcoming show in Guyana, the home of Rihanna’s mother, after a women’s rights group started a protest against the concert.

According to the Huffington Post, the women’s rights groups was still upset about Brown’s 2009 arrest for domestic abuse. Brown choked and hit Rihanna after an argument in Los Angeles and eventually plead guilty to assault.

The show was reportedly billed for December 26. Concert promoter Hits & Jams Entertainment said that Brown decided to cancel the Guyana show because he was “uncomfortable with the protests.”

Brown’s camp, however, denies that the concert was cancelled due to the protest. E! Online reports that the concert was never officially scheduled.

A rep for the singer said: “This concert was never confirmed. The promoter is being untruthful.”

Do you think Chris Brown cancelled his show in Guyana due to the protests?

The women’s rights group may still be angry at Brown for beating Rihanna in 2009 but he has earned his former girlfriend’s forgiveness. Rihanna and Brown sing a duet on the singer’s new album and rumors have been circulating that the two have started dating again.

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