Ice Lady Murder Sentence For Chainsaw Murder Of Ex-Husband And Lover

Ice Lady Murder Sentence For Chainsaw Murder Of Ex-Husband And Lover

Vienna, Austria – The Ice Lady murder sentence was handed down today. Estibaliz Carranza was sentenced to life in prison in a mental institution after she gruesomely murdered her ex-husband and her lover, chopping them into bits with a chainsaw and then storing their frozen, lifeless bodies in an ice cream parlor she owned. The Austrian woman was dubbed the “Ice Lady” for executing both men in cold blood at close range and for showing a complete lack of emotion during the trial.

According to the Daily Mail, the Mexican-Spanish immigrant murdered her husband as he was working on his computer. Four years later, she murdered ice-cream machine salesman Manfred Hinterberger while they were arguing in bed.

The Ice Lady claims her husband had become verbally abusive towards her, was lazy, and intended to join a cult. She divorced him, but he was refusing to move out, so she killed him. Even as the Ice Lady killed her ex-husband, she was dating the new boyfriend, Manfred. She came to believe he was being unfaithful. She attempted to confront Manfred, but he turned his back on her, fell asleep, and started snoring. So she filled Manfred with four shots in the back.

Police have evidence that Carranza used a 22-caliber Beretta to pull off the murders. Pulling a Dexter, she disposed of the bodies by “hacking them apart with a chainsaw, freezing and pouring concrete over them.” Carranza reportedly switched on an ice cream-making machine to drown out the noise of the chainsaw cutting them into pieces. In 2011, the Ice Lady was only caught when the bodies were found during maintenance work in her ice cream shop.

The Ice Lady killer broke down to Judge Lehr during the trial, saying, “All I can say is that I’m sorry I took the lives of Holger and Manfred.”

The Ice Lady murder sentence took into account Carranza’s psychological state. Doctor Heidi Kastner told the court Carranza would kill again as she suffered from a “grave, comprehensive, multi-faceted personality disorder.” But the Ice Lady’s careful planning and her behavior after the murders counted against her.