Brooke Shields’ Bikini Body Stuns Fans, Ageless Supermodel Looks Half Her Age

Brooke Shields being featured in a bikini in the heyday of her career on the runway and in fashion magazines was, without a doubt, a thing to behold. However, to see Shields showing off skin in super sexy swimwear at 53 is priceless.

People magazine published a headline this week that read, “Brooke Shields Rocks a Blue Bikini, Looks Abs-olutely Spectacular at 51″ after images of the former supermodel appeared on Instagram Friday. Other news outlets followed suit with their own stories about Brooke’s ageless beauty.

Bikini-clad Shields posed for a beach snap where she donned a blue top and matching bottom. Brooke is shown wearing a straw hat to keep the sun at bay. She’s fashion forward with manicured nails and bracelets for the occasion.

However, Brooke Shields’ bikini got all the attention. She captioned the sizzling photograph in celebration of her amazing assets.

“The hard work is starting to pay off.”

The skimpy number showed off Brooke’s taut abs, toned arms, and pins for days. In her younger days, the Blue Lagoon star was known for glamor, trendsetting styles, fabulous hair, and a tantalizing body. Apparently, she hasn’t lost a step since walking away from the runway.

In a second picture, Brooke showed how age is relative. Not only is she still rocking a super-fit body, but also Shields is proudly showing off her age-defying skin. Even without makeup, the bikini hot mama still has a glow about her face.

Brooke Shields’ bikini pictures come on the heels of sensational images of other celebrities that cropped up on the internet recently. Other super models north of 50 are also embracing the art of aging gracefully.

Cindy Crawford, 51, is often seen in pictures with her 15-year-old daughter. Kaia Jordan Gerber is often described as the “spitting image” of her supermodel mother, according to Daily Mail.

Christie Brinkley, at 63, recently posed for Sports Illustrated and had many readers doing double takes over her youthful bikini body. And Elle Macpherson, 52, often flaunts her enviable body on social media.

Brooke Shields’ fans went bananas over her bikini snap. They “liked” it over 10,000 times and peppered her Instagram timeline with hundreds of comments.

Brooke shared exercise and dieting secrets with Healthy Living magazine on how she appears to slow down Father Time. Rather than subscribing to popular diets, grueling fad workouts, and getting her stomach stapled, Brooke insists that she uses a practical approach to achieving optimal health. One simple solution is to stay hydrated.

“Truly, when I get enough sleep and drink enough water. I don’t think there’s a trick to being healthy; I think we all know what our limitations are.

“There’s no ‘drink lemon juice after fried chicken.’ It’s about being honest with yourself and saying, ‘Yep, I’ll have to eat less and exercise more than I’m consuming,’ or ‘I’m going to have to lay back on drinking and not sleeping.’ Balancing seems to be the biggest tip. It’s so boring but yet it’s true. It gets real simple; there’s no pill.”

Brooke enjoys showing off the labor of hard work by frequently posting sexy snaps of her dreamy body. But there are far more dimensions to this alluring model-turned-entrepreneur.

Today, she keeps busy by hosting a talk show via Sirius XM. The mom-of-two launched Brooke Shields Now last month and is hard at work growing her audience. As host, Brooke offers “personal secrets and stories of her good and not so good life experiences, the lessons learned, and mistakes she’s made along the way.”

Are you still trying to process how Brooke Shields rocks a bikini like women half her age?

[Featured Image by Bojars via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (cropped)]

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