Bahamas Helicopter Crash: One Dead, Four Injured When Chopper Goes Down At Luxury Resort In Bahamas


Authorities say one person died and four more were injured when a helicopter crashed in an upscale Bahamas resort community on Thursday.

According to CBS News, the helicopter went down around 2 pm at Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club on Great Guana Cay, a luxury resort about 150 miles off Florida’s southeast coast.

An employee of Baker’s Bay that wished to remain anonymous told CBS the chopper was attempting to make a landing at the resort when a wind gust sent the aircraft spiraling.

“They got into an air pocket and it went into a tailspin. It recovered, and then it went into a tailspin again and from there it hit the ground. The tail came off and the cabin just went into a spin and somebody got thrown out,” the resort employee said.

While authorities have yet to release the identities of those aboard the helicopter at the time of the crash, the Miami Herald reported one of the survivors was Jeffrey Soffer, an ex-boyfriend of supermodel Elle Macpherson and the current head of the Miami-based Turnberry Associates property firm.

Soffer, who split from the Macpherson in March after a two-year relationship, reportedly walked away from crash with bruises but no serious injuries. The other three surviving passengers were flown back to the United States by private jet.

The Miami Herald also reported that, according to a Soffer family source, the person who died was the helicopter’s owner, a businessman who lived in the Bahamas.

Yahoo!News has more on the Bahamas helicopter crash in the video clip below: