Mexico’s President Tries To Change Country’s Name

Mexico President Change Country's Name

Mexico’s president is trying yet again to change the country’s name by removing “United States” from it. The country’s full name is “United Mexican States” or “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.”

The name was adopted in 1824 after the country gained independence from Spain and was an imitation of Mexico’s democratic next-door neighbor, reports The Associated Press.

Despite this, the full name is rarely used, except on official documents, currency, and other government material. Despite this, President Felipe Calderon called a news conference on Thursday and announced that he wants the country’s name to officially change to “Mexico.”

Calderon originally proposed changing Mexico’s name when he was a congressman in 2003, but the bill did not make it through to a vote. His latest constitutional amendment would need approval by Congress, along with the country’s 31 state legislatures.

Mexico’s president was largely mocked on social media for the suggestion, which was widely considered a symbolic gesture, since Calderon leaves office on December 1.

Reuters notes that Calderon stated during Thursday’s press conference:

“The name of our country no longer needs to emulate that of other nations. Forgive me for the expression, but Mexico’s name is Mexico.”

Thankfully, Calderon’s presidency focused more on fighting the nation’s drug cartels than changing the country’s official name. The president launched a militarized offensive against the cartels six years ago. More than 47,500 people have died in cartel-related violence during Calerdon’s time in office.

In explaining his reason for the latest legislation to change the country’s name, Calderon stated, “It’s time for Mexicans to return to the beauty and simplicity of the name of our country, Mexico. A name that we chant, that we sing, that makes us happy, that we identify with, that fills us with pride.”

What do you think of President Filipe Calderon’s idea to change Mexico’s official name?