Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Still An Option For Broncos, But Not A Priority

Tony Romo is truly in limbo as far as being a player in the NFL is concerned, and the longer the Dallas Cowboys hold onto him, the fewer options he will have once finally set free. A few weeks of 2017 free agency have gone by and Romo is still on the Cowboys' roster, but he won't be playing for them in the upcoming season. Now, one of the very few teams said to be interested in him are done waiting and will not make him a priority any longer.

Ever since Dak Prescott shocked the world last season and dominated as the starting quarterback of the Cowboys, the world knew that the Romo era in Big D had run its course. Since the end of the season, it has pretty much been a given that the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos were the most likely landing spots for him even though a few others were in the running.

Now, here it is a few weeks into free agency and Romo is being held almost hostage by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as he tries to get a trade done instead of just releasing him. The only thing that is doing is hurting the quarterback who has given Dallas so much of himself for a very long time.

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While the Texans are still in the race, Fansided is reporting that the Denver Broncos have scaled back their interest in Romo and have made signing the QB no longer a priority. Sure, they'll be interested in the price and the time is right, but they're done being focused on it.

In all actuality, a Broncos insider with ABC Denver 7 is saying that Romo was never a priority at all for Denver.

Inquisitr recently reported that some sources were saying Romo himself believed if he didn't land with the Houston Texans, he would likely retire from the NFL. While that could end up being true in the long run, if the Cowboys actually end up releasing him into free agency, that could very well change the entire scope of the situation.

The Texans and Broncos remain the two teams who will likely look at him in any fashion whether it is a trade or free agency. Houston only has Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden as their quarterback options since trading Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns after just one season with the Texans.

ABC Denver 7 reports that the main issue in making a trade with the Cowboys is that Romo would come with a $14 million salary price tag. A team signing him as a free agent could likely end up getting him for somewhere between $5 to 8 million on a new deal.

dallas cowboys news rumors tony romo denver broncos
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Currently, the Broncos have Trevor Siemian and second-year quarterback Paxton Lynch as their options, but they would really love another veteran to come in for training camp. Right now, they do not have the franchise quarterback of the future on their roster and a lot of help is needed, but they are not focusing on the Tony Romo saga.

As the NFL meetings continue this weekend, Romo is expected to be a huge topic of conversation with a lot of owners hanging around. If there is not even a draft pick to be had in a trade for his veteran signal-caller, it may not be too long until number nine is finally released.

Jerry Jones really does hate the idea of losing Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys getting absolutely nothing in return for him. At this point, though, no one is willing to make a trade for him at the asking price that Jones likely has on the table. While the Houston Texans remain the favorite to land him whether he is traded or released, Romo's options are becoming fewer by the day and the Denver Broncos have all but given up on him.

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