Donald Trump Impeachment: Michael Flynn Flipped On Trump, Working With FBI

Nathan Francis

Donald Trump's Russia scandal may have moved closer to impeachment amid reports that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have flipped on the president and is now working with the FBI on the investigation against Trump.

There have been allegations dating back nearly a year that Donald Trump worked closely with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign to release damaging emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign chief and from the Democratic National Committee. A dossier compiled by a former British MI6 agent claimed that Russian officials have been working for years to cultivate Trump as a presidential candidate, compiling damaging information to use as blackmail and dangling lucrative financial deals before him.

Though most of those allegations remain unproven, the FBI confirmed this week that there is an active investigation into whether Trump had contact with Russia during the election. The FBI may now have a star witness against Trump, with a report that Flynn has flipped on Trump and is working with investigators.

Flynn, who was fired after it emerged that he lied about contacting the Russian ambassador on the same day President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Russia, could be a damaging witness against Donald Trump and move the investigation closer to indictment or impeachment, reports claimed.

Palmer wrote that the Senate Intelligence Committee will soon be starting its own investigation of Donald Trump's connections to Russia, and it will be telling whether Michael Flynn is called to testify publicly.

"Manafort, Page and Stone probably won't volunteer for this one, but they'll be invited or subpoenaed," Palmer wrote. "If Michael Flynn is not invited, it'll be because the FBI asked the Senate committee not to trot out its real star witness in front of the cameras while he's still working with them behind the scenes. So if the Senate subpoenas the other three but not Flynn, then I'll know I'm right, and that Flynn has already flipped."

New reports may shed more light on why Michael Flynn could be flipping on Donald Trump. Reports claim that Flynn, who had worked as an agent to further the interests of Turkey, may have had plans to send dissident Fetullah Gulen from the United States back to Turkey, where many believe he would be jailed or even killed.

But some of the president's biggest critics and opponents have been hinting that Donald Trump is headed for impeachment. Congresswoman Maxine Waters this week delivered a very blunt message to the president, tweeting, "Get ready for impeachment."

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