UFO News 2017: Is NASA Covering Up UFOs By The International Space Station?

There has been a lot of UFO news so far in 2017, and one of the biggest news stories is what some are calling a cover-up by NASA, as there have been numerous reports of UFOs sighted near the International Space Station. For instance, it is alleged by UFO watchers that NASA has been stopping its live feed of the International Space Station as UFOs approach.

CBS reported that Toby Lundh spotted a UFO near the International Space Station on January 6, 2015, but just when the live feed got good and Lundh had managed to capture a few screen shots, NASA cut the feed. Toby Lundh claims that there are "always some UFOs showing up" near the ISS, but that NASA will immediately stop their live feed when this happens.

The Inquisitr has also noted that the English UFO enthusiast, John Craddick, witnessed what he called "a mysterious object" entering the frame of NASA's live feed of the International Space Station and that they abruptly stopped it as soon as the object appeared.

"I've been watching the live feed for years, but never seen any UFOs on it before. I was showing a friend how it worked at around 11.30pm when the feed cut out, and 35 seconds after it came back on, this object appeared. At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds. Nothing human can fly that high."
Astronaut Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station.
Astronaut Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station. UFO enthusiasts believe that NASA is covering up evidence of UFOs by the International Space Station. [Image by ESA/Getty Images]

A UFO hunter that goes by the name of Streetcap is another who personally witnessed a mysterious looking object hovering around the International Space Station, but said that the live feed was abruptly cut as soon as it appeared. He isn't claiming that the feed was stopped intentionally, but believes that the timing of it stopping was certainly curious.

"What made it interesting was that the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop."
Because there have been so many reported UFO sightings near the ISS, Huffington Post asked NASA if there was any truth to the allegations that they were purposely hiding evidence of UFOs. NASA has said that any mysterious looking objects out in space by the International Space Station are most likely reflections or other space debris, rather than UFOs.
"No unidentified objects in the popular sense have been seen from the International Space Station. Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory."
American astronaut Tom Jones has also refuted the fact that NASA is covering up UFOs near the ISS and asserts that so far, astronauts have not seen proof of any alien civilizations out in space, nor have they ever witnessed UFOs themselves.
"Astronauts have not seen any evidence of alien life. Reports of unidentified flying objects in images returned from the shuttle or space station have turned out to be ice crystals, drifting orbital debris, lightning flashes, or meteors streaking through the dark atmosphere below. So far, our search for extraterrestrial life ― and other civilizations in space ― has turned up no proof of alien civilizations."
It is alleged that some of the glowing images that were captured, which are believed to be UFOs near the International Space Station, were due to lens flares, which is what happens when light is refracted inside the camera lens and then shows up on the image. Some of these sightings are also said to be reflections of the ISS itself.

A UFO sticker on the window of a car in California on October 15, 2000.
A UFO sticker on the window of a car in California on October 15, 2000. [Image by David McNew/Getty Images]

However, many people who have been watching the live stream near the ISS are not so sure about some of these explanations and still believe that NASA is purposely covering up evidence of UFOs.

After reading the UFO news from 2017 and watching videos of these reported UFOs near the International Space Station, do you think NASA is hiding evidence that they have of these mysterious objects?

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]