Cracker Barrel Update: Brad Gives Update On Wife Getting Fired

Recently, a post from Bradley Reid Byrd on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page quickly went viral. Everyone wants to know what happened to Brad’s wife and why she was fired. He explained that his wife had worked at Cracker Barrel for the last 11 years and then she was fired allegedly with no reason given at all. This post was seen by several people and then it went crazy with everyone trolling the page with jokes and comments about Brad’s wife getting fired. When this all went down, the Inquisitr shared about what details were out on why Brad’s wife was fired from Cracker Barrel.

It all went viral when comedian Amiri King shared saying, “There is a absolute sh** show going on at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store facebook page. Someone named Brad had a wife that worked there for 11 years. Well, she got fired on Brad’s birthday. The Internet is trolling THE F**K out of their page.???????????????????????????????????????? #JusticeForBradsWife.”

Now Brad is on his Facebook page giving an update about his wife getting fired and what Cracker Barrel has to say about it. Sadly, Cracker Barrel hasn’t really given him a very good answer.

“Good morning.I still have not heard from “said” company. I would like everyone to remember that some very good people work for them. The people at the Corydon location are our friends (like family) and are just trying to make a living. So if you want answers, please direct questions to the home office. They are the ones who fired my wife. Thanks to all for the continued support and I will keep you informed….#stillwaiting.”

So far, Brad doesn’t have answers about why his wife was fired. You would easily assume that everyone trolling their page would get them to share what happened, but for now, they are staying quiet.

Nashville Scene shared that the world is going crazy wanting answers about why Brad’s wife was fired. Brad’s wife was actually fired on his birthday, which was about a month ago, and they are still not getting answers. There is even a petition that everyone wants signed to try to figure out what was going on. Cracker Barrel is continuing to post their normal social network posts and everyone is trolling them about wanting to know why Brad’s wife was fired, but there are still no answers.

The original post from Brad was just one star and was on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page. The post said, “You fired my wife after 11 years. That was not very nice. She is a good person, and it really makes me sad that she is hurt.” There were a few comments on it, but now the comments are all over every single post that Cracker Barrel has put on Facebook and Twitter.


If you want a good laugh, go to Facebook or Twitter and check out the hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife. In this post, everyone is asking for answers, but they are also trolling and making hilarious jokes about Cracker Barrel and the way that this all went down. This has gone totally viral now. Maybe someday Cracker Barrel will actually answer why they fired Brad’s wife. The Inquisitr did share who it was that fired Brad’s wife, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Cracker Barrel hasn’t given Brad any answers yet about why his wife was fired? Do you feel like this is a private matter, and that is why they are staying quiet? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Cracker Barrel firing Brad’s wife.

[Featured Image by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]