‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Publicly Ends Friendship? ‘I’m Done With Her’

Kenya Moore may not have the best taste in men, but the same can be said for Phaedra Parks based on what fans have seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya thought that the two of them were friends, so she decided to throw her friend a surprise divorce party to celebrate the end of one ugly chapter and the beginning of a new one. But Parks wasn’t the only person in the spotlight as she shared the party spotlight with Cynthia Bailey, who was in the same boat.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore revealed that she’s done with her co-star after learning that she can’t let go of the past. Her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, had lied about Kenya Moore, making her sound like someone who wanted to sleep with him and ruin a family. And even though this was later proved to be a lie, it sounds like Phaedra can’t let go of the past. Now, Kenya Moore is letting her thoughts be known, and it sounds like she’s done with her co-star.

“I Do I Did I’m Done with her,” Kenya Moore wrote on Instagram, hinting that she’s done with Phaedra Parks, as the theme of the divorce party that Parks walked out of was “I Do, I Did, I’m Done.”

“Kenya…you don’t have to gravel for that fake chick Phaedra. Deep down, it’s not you she mad at. She’s using you as the scapegoat for her own issues,” one person wrote in support of Kenya Moore, while another added, “Fake Phaedra is jus plain and miserable she hates u Kenya Moore because you are beautiful.”

And maybe these followers do have a point in regards to Phaedra. This was one time where Phaedra was vulnerable. Even though she did go through a divorce, she remained strong, and she had the support of her mother. During the trip to Hawaii, Parks may not have forgotten everything that was going on, including the fact that Nida was getting engaged to another woman, so she chose to be vulnerable rather than strong.

This would have been the perfect time for Parks to focus on being a strong woman and raising two children. Instead, she chose to focus on the divorce as being the end of a family, even though she has said plenty times that Apollo betrayed the family, and he was to blame for the divorce. Even if he hadn’t acted out and gone to prison, it is possible that Parks would have divorced him anyway. What Kenya Moore did was merely a way to celebrate how strong her friend was after going through what she did. Moore opened up about her feelings on her blog, where she didn’t hold back.

“At this point, nothing should surprise me with Phaedra, but her reaction floored me and it stung. This is the woman who is constantly talking about God, forgiveness, restorations, and supporting one another. Only a few hours earlier we were playing tennis laughing about how she can meet new guys and how we both thought the Rock was so fine…then became so offended that I threw her and Cynthia a divorce party citing some irrelevant situation we both moved on from. Clearly her husband lied on me and that was well over two years ago. She chose to get married and she chose to get divorced. This woman is focused more on the perception people have of her than living her reality,” Kenya Moore wrote in her blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week, hinting that she can’t trust Phaedra anymore because of the way she has flip-flopped during their friendship.

Do you think Kenya Moore did an admirable thing by throwing her friends a party? Do you think it was tasteless of her to call it a divorce party, or should Phaedra apologize?

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