Ariana Madix Not Happy With ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star: Who’s The Unlucky One?

Ariana Madix has been on Vanderpump Rules for a few seasons now, and she isn’t one to hold back when it comes to her opinions. Ariana has often slammed Kristen Doute as she continued to talk about Tom Sandoval after their failed relationship. Madix kept rolling her eyes when she learned about Kristen’s comments, but she never really told her to her face what she thought. And it sounds like Madix isn’t too keen about speaking her mind when it comes to specific people. During a recent interview with Bravo, Ariana revealed that there was someone at the reunion special she could have done without.

According to a new Bravo report, Ariana Madix told the network that she wasn’t too happy with a certain someone who was at the reunion. And she revealed that she chose not to interact with the person at all. While many of the Vanderpump Rules stars don’t like Lala Kent and James Kennedy, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval have been friendly with them. It is possible that she’s talking about Kristen Doute.

“The reunion was intense. It was hilarious at times. It was a little weird at times,” Ariana Madix explains to Bravo after filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion last week, which included a person that Madix isn’t a fan of, adding, “There were some people that I kind of refused to engage with just because I felt like their presence was inappropriate. However, I think that whoever watches it will be very entertained. I know physical humor is not really a typical thing of a Vanderpump Rules reunion, but there’s definitely some of that.”

Ariana Madix doesn’t point out who she’s talking about, but it sounds like she isn’t too happy with the way things are on Vanderpump Rules. Maybe she wants to change the cast around so this “inappropriate person” gets fired. And even though Ariana ignored this person throughout the reunion special, she reveals that the reunions are uncomfortable to film every year; not just this time around.

“Our reunions are always uncomfortable. I mean, can you imagine sitting in a room full of people that have said horrible things about you, that you may have said horrible things about?” Ariana Madix explains about the reunion specials, adding, “There’s something about our reunions that feel therapeutic, in a way, but [they’re also] very uncomfortable.”

Apparently, Madix often thinks about the reunion afterward and reviews everything that was said to see if something was missed. Plenty of times, Bravo stars will get angry about something that was said at the reunion that they didn’t hear, and it starts up another dramatic storyline for the following season. But for this crew, they can get along, and this year, most of them went out for dinner.

“After the reunion, most of us went and got drinks. And then ate some food. You’re kind of on this high of being done, and then it starts to settle in, maybe something that someone said that you forgot about during the day. And then you start getting pissed all over again. I think of so many better things to have said after the fact. Like any argument, any conversation, I feel like that always happens,” Ariana Madix told Bravo about the aftermath of the reunion specials.

This year, Madix and her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, packed their bags and went snowboarding to deal with their post-reunion stress. Scheana Shay and her new boyfriend joined them as well.

What do you think of Ariana Madix’s comments about the reunion special? Who do you think she’s talking about?

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