Seventeen In Trouble With K-Pop Fans For Referring Them As ‘Bread And Butter’

Usually in the K-pop industry, musical acts, whether they be co-ed groups, boy bands, girl groups, duos, or soloists, often depend on their fans for their love and support, spreading the word about them to others. As a result, they often bend over backward for fans, often suffering situations that may be hazardous to their health. BTS was mobbed by Taiwanese fans when they touched down at an airport in Taiwan. Jackson of Got7 was involved in a car crash when he was tailed by an IGot7 sasaeng. Finally, Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation had her phone number given out publicly.

However, K-pop acts can at times go too far with their fans to the point they insult them. Last month, Hwayoung of Boys24 was in a lot of trouble for trash talking fans, saying he hates being called “oppa” by them and being in hi-touch events because of their bad breath. Eventually, he was kicked out of Boys24, but the damage may have been done to the boy band.

Now another boy band is in hot water with the K-pop community for their comments: Seventeen. The Pledis Entertainment boy band has been called out for calling their fans monikers like “bread and butter.”

For those who don’t know, the term “bread and butter” is often linked to a person’s income. When someone calls something or someone else their “bread and butter,” they are saying that someone or something is their income. That is what Seungkwan called K-pop fans who identify themselves as Carat, the official fan club of the boy band. According to Korean news outlet Nate, Seventeen fans posted the rude comments members have made towards them in a online community.

Seventeen wrote notes to their fans as a form of answering their questions. Some of the answers they gave were insulting. [Image by Nate]

In response to Seventeen’s rude comments, a representative of Pledis Entertainment spoke about the boy band’s alleged rude behavior. The message was posted up on the company’s official Twitter account.

“Hello, this is the staff of Pledis.

We’re cautiously leaving a message as unconfirmed stories are being spread online. We cannot assure that our staff is always with or remember every fan and Seventeen when they have a conversation, but we do know that Seventeen is a group that does not think low of their relationship with fans. We want you to remember that they’re the ones who treasure Carats the most. We hope you guys who walk with Seventeen are not hurt. Take care of your health during the season change and we will greet you guys with new news in the near future.

Thank you.”

Take note this is not the first time Seventeen has been in hot water with their fans. Back in May of last year, it was reported that fans found trashed fan letters in front of Seventeen’s dormitory. Several photos accompanied the report showing unopened letters crumpled up on the streets. It should be noted many Carats came forward claiming the news site that initially reported on the matter “uploads lies for articles.”

The last K-pop comeback Seventeen had was ‘Going Seventeen’ featuring the title track song ‘Beautiful.’ [Featured Image by Pledis Entertainment/Seventeen’s Official Daum Cafe]

Given the fact this is the second offense within less than a year for Seventeen, there is some uncertainty how K-pop fans will react to this situation. Presently, there is no word of an upcoming K-pop comeback for 2017, but it is expected they will make one once they are done with their current activities. For those who are interested in Seventeen, check out their last album, Going Seventeen, which featured numerous songs.

[Featured Image by Pledis Entertainment/Seventeen’s Official Daum Cafe]

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