Taeyeon, Leader Of Girls’ Generation, Shows Lost Composure Towards ‘Sasaeng’ In Possession Of Her Telephone Number

Ever since they came “Into the New World” back in 2007, So Nyeo Shi Dae — popularly known as Girls’ Generation — has become the most popular girl group presently in K-pop. Now, with almost a decade since their debut, the members of Girls’ Generation realize they cannot be part of a girl group forever. A fact that hit them the hardest back in 2014, when former member Jessica Jung was forcibly removed from their lineup.

The remaining members of Girls’ Generation — Tiffany, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun, and Taeyeon — have ventured into solo endeavors in preparation for their futures. Out of all of them, though, group leader Taeyeon is experiencing the most success as a musical soloist presently. Starting with her hit song “I” last year, she followed-up with another song titled “Rain” which would also serve as the first song on SM Station.

Needless to say, but Taeyeon is a phenomenal hit among the K-pop community, earning a tantamount number of fans in the process. Certain fans, known as sasaengs, are over the top and may actually cause more harm than good. Case in point, Taeyeon has been hounded by late night calls from sasaengs who attained her phone number, and Taeyeon has recently shown she has lost her composure over it.

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Taeyeon posted a screen capture of her call list to her Instagram account. As shown in the screen capture, all the calls are from unknown numbers and just minutes apart. [Image via Taeyeon’s Official Instagram]
Before continuing, it should be noted that a sasaeng, by definition, is not exactly a fan, but they are extremists who stalk Hallyu stars and invade their privacy through questionable methods. In Taeyeon’s case, the sasaeng’s questionable method is attaining her phone number and calling her up numerous times at night. According to Kpop Herald, Taeyeon uploaded a screen capture of her list of calls (shown above) to her official Instagram account. If one were to analyze the list, they consist of nothing but unknown numbers.

Taeyeon also provided the following caption with the screen capture (which has since been taken down from her Instagram account), in which she expresses her disdain for all the late night anonymous calls.

“This isn’t good for you or me. I ask for your understanding using my inadequate way of expression. I will erase soon this post since it evokes negative feelings. Have a good night everyone.”

Sadly for Taeyeon, the message she left would open the floodgates, as the sasaengs now call her nonstop, giving her only minutes of respite before another call comes. Taeyeon would once again express her disdain, this time with far more frustration, in the Instagram post attached below.

Along with the Instagram update, Taeyeon commented numerous times, begging for sleep, begging for the sasaengs to stop calling. And to make matters worse, Taeyeon cannot exactly ignore her phone either. Given the fact she is a very popular K-pop idol, she has to be ready to either perform or promote at call. A missed call from her manager, or SM Entertainment for that matter, could be catastrophic for her career.

If there is some light to be shed, Taeyeon’s true fans, the Taegangers, have found out how the sasaengs got her number. According to AllKpop, the sasaeng first talked to Taeyeon through Kakao Talk First. After reading the messages, the sasaeng started to call Taeyeon in which one time Taeyeon answered and gave a few conversational words and greetings. Unfortunately, the sasaeng would share Taeyeon’s number with other sasaengs, causing the current situation.

At this moment, there is nothing Taeyeon can do about her current number. If she wants to be free of the sasaengs hounding her, Taeyeon will most-likely have to change her number or even switch carriers.

[Image via SM Entertainment/Girls’ Generation Promotions for Lion Heart]

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