‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 84: Spoilers Released, Krillin Vs Gohan Fight Teased

Dragon Ball Super is well into the Universe Survival Arc, and the battle to decide the fate of the lowest-ranking DB universes is set to begin within the next few weeks. With Son Goku still scouting for the remaining members of the Universe 7 team, it appears that there are still a number of conflicts that some Z fighters would need to get over before participating in the greatest, most epic tournament ever held since the franchise was first animated three decades ago.

The Jump preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 84, translated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, has recently been released, and it revealed some interesting plot points regarding Goku’s recruitment of members for Universe 7’s ten fighters. The episode, which would be airing on April 2, would be titled “Son Goku the Talent Scout: Inviting Krillin and No.18.” As could be determined from the episode’s title, DBS Ep 84 would deal with the recruitment of Krillin and his former-nemesis-turned-wife, Android 18. Here is the summary of the episode itself.


“How powerful is Goku’s best friend Krillin these days…?! Goku and the gang gather teammates to enter the Tournament of Power. The next two picks are Goku’s best friend Krillin and his wife No. 18! Goku’s unexpected offer comes as a surprise for Krillin, who’s already retired from martial arts, but his reply is…?!

“Gohan This Week: Undertaking a test of strength! In order to gauge Krillin’s true power, Gohan challenges him to a fight! How does this test of strength turn out? And what does Goku think after watching their battle?!”

From the summary of the episode alone, it appears that Krillin, one of Goku’s most trusted allies, would play a significant part in the upcoming tournament. Interestingly, however, numerous fans have noted that the teaser for Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 appears to disregard the events that happened in the recent fillers of the series, where Krillin’s return to martial arts was already featured.

If any, the summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 appears to show that the producers of the anime and the team working on the series’ fillers are not fully calibrated. Nevertheless, the rest of the Ep 84 summary included something absorbing that is set to happen in the popular anime series.


As it turns out, it would be Gohan who would be testing Krillin’s fighting abilities to determine if the veteran fighter is strong and skilled enough to be part of Universe 7’s team in the Tournament of Power. Considering that Gohan has actually fought against a member of Universe 9’s team during the pre-tournament match for the Omni-King, he would be the ideal opponent to test if Krillin is ready to carry the weight of the world’s fate on his shoulders once more.

Numerous Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit have stated that the battle between Gohan and Krillin would most likely be incredibly entertaining to watch, especially since both characters have been nerfed for the most part of DBS. Even during the series’ previous story arc, the Future Trunks saga, neither Krillin nor Gohan were able to play a significant role in the plot. Thus, for both fighters, the Tournament of Power is, in a lot of ways, their first real foray into serious fighting in a very long time.

If any, the match between Krillin and Gohan would most likely be incredibly entertaining, considering that both fighters have traded blows with some of the franchise’s most prominent enemies in the past. Krillin was heavily involved in the Frieza arc, and it was his death that ultimately triggered Goku’s first ever Super Saiyan transformation. Gohan, on the other hand, has been a veteran fighter, exchanging blows with Frieza, Cell, and Evil Buu before being nerfed in DBSReturn of F arc. From the episode’s summary, at least, it appears that Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 would be a pretty entertaining ride.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]