April The Giraffe Labor Updates And Animal Adventure Park Latest, Watch Live Cam

It’s March 22, 2017, and April the giraffe is still a viral sensation. She’s also still pregnant. We’ve heard that she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy, but at this point, we must remember that patience is a virtue. April will give birth the minute her calf is ready to be born and not one minute sooner. Fortunately, the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) provides regular updates to let the public know just how close April is to active labor. At this point, there have been no significant changes to indicate active labor will being tonight. April is meeting all the milestones of a healthy pregnancy and her body is making the changes necessary to ensure a successful delivery. April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park located in Harpursville, New York with her 5-year-old mate Oliver “Ollie.” The park has streamed a live cam directly from April’s giraffe stall and you can watch it in the video player below.



The Wednesday night evening update for March 22, 2017, featured a photo of the Animal Adventure Park’s pygmy goat that just gave birth to twins. There are plenty of animals born at the park year round, but all eyes are on April. Also discussed was the new sponsorship by Toys R Us and April’s moodiness. There were no significant changes to indicate immediate labor. You may read the full post and view a photo of the pygmy goat and her twins below.

Wednesday afternoon brought a special update after April and Oliver nearly broke the Internet for trying to escape their giraffe barn. You can read the full update below. The post didn’t mention any specific changes in April that would indicate active labor.

The Animal Adventure Park has recently described April as moody, cranky, and off. Behavioral changes are a sign that a giraffe may go into active labor. At this point, it is unclear why she is experiencing these changes. You may read the Wednesday morning update for March 22, 2017, below. Staff will keep a close watch on April and check for any other physical, emotional or behavior changes.

On March 21, 2017, the evening update included a photo of April and Allysa nuzzling together. There were no changes in April’s status and she did not enter active labor.

The Tuesday morning update for March 21, 2017, included an AAP photo of Oliver’s first day at the Animal Adventure Park. You may see a photo of Aprils first day at the park in the March 13 morning update below.

The Monday evening update for March 20, 2017, described new enrichment toys and feeders April and Oliver would get. They did receive their new toys but Oliver quickly broke his. Dr. Tim said April is a healthy, happy giraffe, but was not in active labor.

The March 20, 2017, Monday morning update described April’s belly as shifting weight to the backend. Still, there were no significant changes indicating April would go into immediate labor. She is on the right track, though.

The March 19 Sunday evening update included a photo of the baby pressing a hoof or joint against April’s belly. April continues to make progress but is not ready for active labor at this moment.

The March 19 Sunday morning update stated that April’s udders still contained wax caps. Wax caps must shed and the udders must fill with milk before active labor begins.

Compare the photos of April’s belly in the March 18 evening update with those below. Also, compare the size of her udders with the March 12 update. April is progressing.

The March 18 morning update shared a cute photo of April sleeping with her neck wrapped around her belly and her head resting in a safe position.

In the March 17 evening update, the calf was described as a master of karate. The photo below shows April spraying herself with her hay. There were no significant changes to report and April did not go into active labor.

The morning update for St. Patrick’s Day March 17 was late. It was a lucky day for everyone as the Animal Adventure Park withstood Storm Stella.

The March 16 evening update showed photos of Storm Stella’s aftermath. The Animal Adventure Park spent a great deal of time clearing walkways, shoveling snow and ensuring the animals were safe and warm. April continued to experience stronger kicks from the calf.

Jordan Patch, Animal Adventure Park owner, answered viewer’s questions via a Facebook Q&A on March 16. You may watch that video below.

The Thursday morning March 16 update discussed April’s unusual behavior. Though behavioral changes are a sign of active labor for a giraffe, she wasn’t in labor and the wait for her to give birth live online continues.

During the March 15 evening update, it was learned that April’s behavior resulted in AAP staff spending the night at the park. April was not in labor and the staff turned their attentions to cleaning up Stella’s aftermath.

In the March 15 morning update, the Animal Adventure Park warned Storm Stella might cut off the live feed to the giraffe cam. It did. But April, Oliver, and the other AAP animals were kept safe and warm.

In the March 14 evening update, it was learned that April was near the end of her pregnancy. She has experienced many symptoms associated with active labor; however, she was not in active labor.


During the night, AAP staff checked on April thinking the giraffe might be in active labor. An account of the incident was shared in the March 14 morning update. The activity subsided and April was not in early labor.

The Animal Adventure Park announced active labor was close and people went crazy. Maybe we could call March 13 April Fool’s Day because she fooled many into thinking she was in labor. April wasn’t in labor and the evening update came and left. The AAP aren’t calling active labor until they see hooves sticking out.

A special update was issued on March 13, 2017, during mid-day after many people observed April exhibiting strange positioning and posturing. Tough many suspected active labor and the veterinarian Dr. Tim was called, it was a false alarm.

Here is a photo of April on her first day at Animal Adventure Park as shared in the March 13 morning update. Don’t miss the March 21 update and photo of Oliver’s first day.

The March 12 morning update featured a photo of April’s udders. Compare it with the photo in the March 18 update and you’ll see how much progress April has made.

Are you watching April the giraffe via the live cam? Are you excited to witness a giraffe born live online? Stay tuned for more labor news and updates.

[Featured Image by Kromka/Shutterstock]