WWE News: Wrestlers Fight Against Paige’s Hackers, Issue Threats Against Them?

When Paige’s intimate photos were recently leaked, it sent a series of shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. Many were concerned, both with Paige’s mental health and with her status in the WWE.

Now, the latest WWE news suggests that many of the wrestlers in the organization are fighting back against this crime against her, and one even went so far as to threaten the person who hacked her!

But is this the right answer? And will this help uncover, not only who did this to the WWE Diva, but detract it from happening in the future?

According to the latest WWE news from Hollywood Life, Paige’s dad — former professional wrestler Ricky Knight — released a statement warning the potential hackers to back off before they caused irreversible damage to his daughter. Knight said that Paige was simply involved in a simple consensual sex act that was leaked to the public without her permission.

“She has not killed anyone [or] robbed anyone. She was having sex in a private situation between consulting adults and then has been betrayed by some low lifes. As her dad I urge people to back off as I say I am very worried for her; it will be no good backing her when it’s too late like many other celebrities who have left us.”

But according to the latest WWE news from Sportskeeda, there seemed to be some concern about the Paige situation with the WWE brass, and they had a backstage meeting about it during Monday Night Raw. The matter of Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox — who were also involved in the leak — was also discussed, but they were under less scrutiny than Paige was, which caused a bit of an uproar amongst wrestling fans.

Fortunately, the executives at the meeting — including WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, Raw co-manager Triple H, and others from talent relations — decided that they would not be taking any disciplinary action against the Diva, because she was the victim in this situation.

Paige’s mother, who is also a former professional wrestler, has announced that she, Paige, and the rest of the family would be taking legal action against the hackers once their identity has been discovered. That’s probably not a good sign for the hackers!

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Another wrestling legend that is upset about the Paige leak situation is Diamond Dallas Page.

According to the latest WWE news from Comic Book, Page — who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year — issued a direct threat against the hackers, and promised to hurt them if he ever saw them in person.

“I’d like to b***h slap him in front of everybody. I just want it to go away because she’s a good lady. She’s amazing. Charlotte Flair, I mean, if that ain’t her daddy’s daughter, she’s unbelievable. I love all the girls, Sasha, Becky and Paige. I was really bummed out when [Paige] hurt her neck like that, so hopefully she’ll be back… it is what it is.”

And while most people in the WWE camp have made only a passing reference to the incident, many wrestling legends have come forward in support of the young Diva, and with the concern about her mental health being a very real one, many are rallying around her to keep her strong.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE news? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE news, and Paige, in the comments below.

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