Pro-Trump Kraig Moss Went To 45 Trump Rallies, Now Anti-Trump Due To 'Trumpcare'

Kraig Moss, a man once so pro-Trump that Moss was known as the "Trump Troubadour," can have his name added to the growing list of people being tracked as "Trumpgrets," as reported by the Inquisitr. Kraig has jumped off the Trump Train that Moss once sang so proudly about riding on, with the New York man seen in the below CNN video admitting that he feels Trump failed in terms of promises President Donald Trump made while on the campaign trail. Moss once sang pro-Trump songs on his guitar, but he now feels Mr. Trump made promises just to get votes. The new Republican health care bill is the focus of Kraig's disappointments.

According to CNN, Moss is now against President Trump due to the health care bill and the effects that the "Trumpcare" bill could have on people who are addicted to drugs. Kraig spoke about losing his son Rob three years ago when he was only 24 due to a heroin overdose. Now that the proposed "Trumpcare" bill could severely cut addiction treatment services, Moss said that he feels betrayed by Mr. Trump, a man who Kraig feels isn't keeping the promises to help those addicted to drugs.

"The bill is an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail. I feel betrayed."

The above video shows Mr. Trump speaking directly to Kraig about his son's death. Mr. Trump told Moss that his son Rob was proud of him and seemed to empathize with Kraig's pain. Moss became overwhelmed with emotion, and Mr. Trump called him a great father.

Kraig Moss
Kraig Moss of Owego, New York. [Image by Mike Groll/AP Image]

Kraig hails from Owego, New York, and his pro-Trump hat is shown above, which Moss wore to a Trump rally on Sunday, April 10, 2016, in Rochester, New York. Decorated with a Christian cross in the colors of the U.S. flag, the hat read "Trump President." Other photos of Kraig entertaining crowds outside of Trump rallies can be seen, including the one below. That's because Moss stopped paying his mortgage in order to drop everything and follow Mr. Trump around the country during his presidential bid.

With Mr. Trump promising to get more help for drug-addicted people, he was speaking directly to Kraig's heart.

"We will help all of those people so seriously addicted. We'll get them assistance."

As a result of such talk, Moss told the press he believed President Trump would make more treatment centers for people in trouble. Instead, it has been revealed that President Trump's "Trumpcare" plan for Medicaid could hurt those addicted to drugs. The American Health Care Act could force both mental health treatments and addiction services to no longer get coverage under Medicaid in 31 states, including New York.

As seen in the below photo, Kraig waited for then-Republican presidential candidate Trump at the Living History Farms visitors center, on Friday, January 15, 2016, in Urbandale, Iowa.

Trump regrets
[Image by Charlie Neibergall/AP Images]

Moss reminisced about selling his trucks to raise enough money to follow Mr. Trump around on the campaign trail. Now, the "Trump Troubadour" regrets selling his equipment to promote a man that Kraig thinks sold him out. However, Moss is delighted that other folks are holding to their promises to help those addicted to drugs. In early March, more than 300 people came to Kraig's fundraiser in his son's memory and gave $3,000 for a drug treatment center in the area.

In the top photo above, Kraig raised his guitar, emblazoned with Trump stickers, and played a song for people waiting in line to see then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Port-Columbus International Airport, on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio.

[Featured Image by John Minchillo/AP Images]