Animal Adventure Park: Video Updates After April The Giraffe Gives Birth

The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) has announced they will not continue with the live cam after April the giraffe gives birth. Instead, they will provide video updates. The announcement came in a response to a comment on the official AAP Facebook page. As many people have enjoyed watching the live giraffe cam, they have requested the park continue the cam on a permanent basis. Additional requests have been made for the AAP to set up live streaming feeds of other park animals. The announcement stated that once April gives birth, the cam will cease as the staff must focus their attention on preparing the park for its May 13 opening. Here is a quote as posted on the official Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

“We wont survive much longer — let alone till May! we have to actually get the park ready open soon! We will leave up a few days and then do video updates every few days!”

The Animal Adventure Park began with live Facebook videos shared on their page before setting up a YouTube feed. They never imagined that April would become a viral sensation with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the live giraffe cam at once. If you haven’t seen the live giraffe cam, you may do so in the video player below. Please note that the official video is the property of the Animal Adventure Park, and while you are allowed to watch and enjoy 15-year-old April the giraffe and her five-year-old mate Oliver, you are forbidden to take the stream’s feed, upload it as your own video or make derivative videos from the stream. You may watch April live in the video playlist below.


Excitement has mounted since word spread that April the giraffe was pregnancy. At first, it was only those local to the park who were aware of April and her pregnancy. It was for those loyal to the Animal Adventure Park that owner Jordan Patch first set up the live cam. His aim was to keep those members updated on April’s current health and status. Of course, many were thrilled to witness a giraffe birth live online. After the feed had moved to YouTube, it became a viral sensation. Many expected the giraffe calf would be born within hours or days; then it was thought maybe weeks. Now, it’s been over a month since the first story was published breaking the news about the live giraffe cam. That delay hasn’t stopped the story’s interest. Instead, it has advanced it.

The longer people wait for April to go into labor, the more they learn about giraffes and continue to fall in love with April and Oliver. Anticipation for April’s birth is great, and for some, it’s become a near addiction. Many find that coming home to sit and gaze at a beautiful creature after a long, stressful day at work is more than entertaining, and it is also a definite stress reliever. For many, the sudden loss of the giraffe cam may be an adjustment. The news that Animal Adventure Park will provide video updates every several days following the birth of the calf not only helps keep people informed, but it can also help wean them from the giraffe cam.


There is no doubt that those watching April the giraffe have become bonded to her. The build up for the live birth is great, and the adoration her calf will receive will be immense. To have the live cam end suddenly could be very disconcerting for many. It’s also possible a form of depression could set in, but it’s important to remember that this is temporary. It takes time for a new habit to form and to break it. For those who’ve watched the April giraffe cam day in and day out, there could be some let-down once the cam stops. Keep in mind that the Animal Adventure Park will prepare for their grand opening and continue to provide updates. At this point, however, there are no plans to continue the live cam, regardless of how many requests they get.

Here are some free adult coloring pictures for people who love April the giraffe and want to memorialize the event of her calf’s birth.


Do you find watching the live giraffe cam therapeutic, calming or peaceful? Are you upset when thinking of the cam not streaming live anymore? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

[Featured Image by ChrisVanLennepPhoto/Shutterstock]