April The Giraffe Birth Odds: Exact Birth Date And Baby Name Odds Update

April the giraffe has had the folks at Animal Adventure Park in New York, and people all around the world, captivated for weeks. When will April give birth? That question has been asked millions of times by the newly adopted fans of the lovable giraffe ever since April turned into an instant internet star back in February.

In case you aren’t familiar with April and her story here is the simple breakdown. According to FOX8, the Animal Adventure Park began live streaming April back on Feb. 23 as she is preparing to give birth. This will be April’s fourth calf and the first for the father, Oliver. The newborn is expected to weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately six feet tall at the time of the birth.

April the Giraffe Baby name prop bets
April's newborn is expected to come any day. [Image by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images]

While all of this hoopla has brought great attention to New York’s Animal Adventure Park, it has also had animal lovers everywhere all a buzz as this highly anticipated live birth could take place at any time now.

It seems like April has developed quite the following since she has been streaming live. An estimated 139,000 viewers were watching the zoo’s official live stream in April’s pen on Tuesday and that number is expected to grow as reports are increasing that the time of the actual birth may happen as soon as this week.

The zoo posted a Tuesday morning update saying that they believe April could be “in the home stretch.”

While the date and time of when April will be giving birth is still not known, if you believe you may know the exact birth date or what the future baby giraffe’s name may be, you could cash in big time!

Yes, just like wagering on what Prince William and Kate may name their next baby, or what sex the child will be, April the giraffe prop bets are catching fire as well.

Express.co.uk indicates that wagering on the exact date that April will give birth along with what the newborn may be named is becoming quite a popular prop bet.

The odds of April the giraffe giving birth today (Wednesday, March 22) are listed at 5/1. The odds stay the same for Thursday, however, they go up dramatically for the remainder of the week. Friday is listed at 7/1, Saturday at 9/1, and Sunday’s odds jump to a whopping 14/1. With the way the odds increase by the day, Paddy Power sports book must believe that the birth is very coming soon.

April the Giraffe Baby name odds
What will April the giraffe's baby be named? [Image by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images]

If April does not give birth before Monday, the odds dramatically drop for next week.

While wagering on this type of event may seem silly to many people, they have become very profitable for Paddy Power and for the lucky people who guess correctly.

The experts at Paddy Power sports book are known for posting the most outrageous prop bets, and now that the political season has ended, and no Royal Baby on the way, they have decided to join in on the April the giraffe fun!

“With no Royal Baby news to keep us entertained and with everyone talking about April the Giraffe we thought we’d offer odds on her new arrival.”

Even more popular than the prop bets on which date April’s baby will arrive, are the props on what the newborn will be named. The two current favorites are “March” and “April” which are both listed at 7/1. How about “Trump?” Yes, that name is actually on the odds board! “Donald” and “Trump” are the two long shots on the board at 25/1.

Below is a look at all of the current prop bets posted at Paddy Power sports book for April. What do you think April’s newborn giraffe will be named?

What will April’s baby be called?

  • 7/1 March
  • 7/1 April
  • 10/1 Allie
  • 12/1 Twist
  • 14/1 April Junior
  • 14/1 Oliver Junior
  • 16/1 May
  • 16/1 June
  • 25/1 Donald
  • 25/1 Trump
  • 25/1 New York

Will April the giraffe’s calf be a boy or a girl?

  • 5/6 Boy
  • 5/6 Girl

April the giraffe Exact Birth Date

  • 6/1 Tuesday March 21
  • 5/1 Wednesday March 22
  • 5/1 Thursday March 23
  • 7/1 Friday March 24
  • 9/1 Saturday March 25
  • 14/1 Sunday March 26
  • 5/6 Monday March 27 or later

[Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]