Was Erika Jayne’s ‘DWTS’ Debut Too Sexy? Twitter Users Call Judges ‘Sexist’

Erika Jayne’s DWTS debut caused uproar of sympathizers over Twitter after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star after Dancing With the Stars judges deemed her performance too sexy.

Dancing to the tune of her own song “XXPEN$IVE,” Erika Jayne received some nasty comments from DWTS judges after she made quite an impression with the audience in her number with dance partner Gleb Savchenko on Monday night.


According to Refinery29, Erika Jayne—also known as Erika Girardi—gave a “very captivating” routine matched with a grand entrance that included no less than a unicorn and some sultry moves while descending down glitter-covered stairs.


While fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star have been used to such sights, it appears as though the judges in Dancing with the Stars are a bit culture-shocked in what they saw which became apparent when they shared their comments with the audience.

Len Goodman said that Erika Jayne’s DWTS debut performance may have been a bit “too raunchy” for her taste.

“Well, I thought you came out full of flair and confidence. I know the salsa’s a sort of a sexy dance. For me, it was a little bit too raunchy, but I am what I am.”

After hearing that, the audience immediately went into a rave, with wave of boos filling in the stadium.


Still, the other judges seemed to agree with Goodman’s comments with Bruno Tonioli describing Erika Jayne’s DWTS performance as “all sexed up” while Carrie Ann Inaba noted that she should show “more of the elegant side” in her future performances.

Fortunately, one judge saw the empowering side of Erika Jayne’s performance.

“Well, I would say that you’re a real-life unicorn and you’re amazing,” judge Julianne Hough told her on Monday night’s episode of DWTS, sparking applause from the audience.

“I did the Instagram Live thing today and everyone was so excited to see you, and I think that is because you are out here trying to show that women should embrace their sensuality and that it’s OK and it’s amazing.”

But despite having Hough’s redeeming comment, Erika Jayne’s DWTS performance gained the attention of many Twitter users, most of whom noted the obvious sexism and double standard in the judges’ comments.


Another noted how DWTS judges have always told Erika Jayne to loosen up, only to criticize her when she finally does so.


As expected based on their comments, the judges gave Erika Jayne’s DWTS debut a rating of six out of 10 which put her with a total score of 24 out of 40 points, according to The Daily Dish.

Putting the score aside, Erika Jayne gained more fans from her performance on Monday night which may be why she is confident about her future in Dancing with the Stars.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the singer-turned-dancer revealed how she felt while preparing for her performance. At the time, she said that she admitted to her partner that she is not a ballroom dancer which means he had to show her everything.

“I’m just in my partner’s hands and whatever he feels we can do, that’s what we’re doing with regards to each dance. I don’t know how to waltz. I do not know how to foxtrot. I don’t know how to rumba, but I’m about to learn.”

Despite that, she remained positive about her future in Dancing with the Stars even in a very stiff competition with an Olympic gymnast and a hoofer from Glee.

“Everyone has their own race to run. I’m not 20 years old. I’m 45 years old, and you know what? I don’t want to be a 20-year-old again. I want to be where I am today, so I’m going to go out there as a very proud 45-year-old woman and kill it,” she told EW.

“At the end of the day, I feel great about who I am, where I am in my life, and I’m quite certain that a lot of women in America will feel the same way.”

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