‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Marci Miller And Camila Banus Discuss ‘Chabby’

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease a big week for Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Marci Miller) and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). It will put Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) in a tough situation because of Deimos Kiriakis’ (Vincent Irizarry) latest scheme. Fans are clear about how they feel about Chad loving both women. However, what do the actors think about the storyline? Recently, Miller and Banus discussed their real life friendship and whether Chad should be with Abby or Gabi.

DOOL spoilers are below. If you do not want to know what is coming up next on the NBC soap opera, then do not continue reading.

This week on Days Of Our Lives, spoilers reveal that after Chad confesses to Abigail, things will intensify. Deimos decides to use the love triangle to his advantage and has Abby and Gabi kidnapped. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chad DiMera will find them tied up in a warehouse. Then, he is forced to choose which woman to save.

When it comes to couples on television, fans can be opinionated and passionate. However, the majority of DOOL viewers believe that Chad and Abigail belong together. On social media, there is a lot of outrage over bringing Abigail back from the dead, only to cause her more torment because of Chad’s feelings for Gabi. Well, it turns out that fans are not the only ones that believe “Chabby” is forever. Marci Miller thinks so too, according to her interview with Soap Opera Digest. She even called Chad and Abigail “soul mates.”

“Chad and Abby are soul mates. Regardless of the circumstances around them, there’s this undeniable love and affection and connection that they have together. It’s almost like they can’t do anything about it.”

Camila Banus also shared her thoughts on who Billy Flynn’s character should be with on Days Of Our Lives. Chad and Gabi do not belong together, the actress explained. Besides “Chabby” being married, Banus cited Chad and Gabi’s unstable history. There was even a point in time when things were volatile and violent.

“First of all, she’s [Abigail] his wife. Also, Chad has threatened to kill Gabi and hurt her family in the past. He has seen Gabi go bonkers and turn into a different person because of him. It’s definitely not a good thing for Gabi and Chad to be together.”

Previously, executive producer Ken Corday reassured “Chabby” fans. In an interview, he revealed that Chad and Abigail are “end game.” However, he also explained that the couple would have to get through a lot of obstacles.

Marci and Camila also spoke about their real life friendship. Banus has helped the Days Of Our Lives newbie with self-confidence. Miller also said that her friend is generous and loving.

“Camila is super-generous. She’s always the person who brings in sweets. She brought in cards for Christmas and gave me the most beautiful little earrings. For Valentine’s Day she brought me a candle. She’s really good at loving people in a physical way. She brings things in for everybody. She’s really good at communicating affection.”

As for Miller, she is responsible for getting Banus addicted to shopping at Goodwill. However, that isn’t all. Camila spoke about Marci’s personality and what drew her to get close to the soap opera newcomer.

“It’s funny what Marci said about energy. You pick that up with people right off the bat. You see honesty. You see kindness. You see love coming out of their pores. The more I got to know Marci, I was like, ‘She is amazing. She’s an angel.’ Honestly, she just has the biggest heart. Everything about her is so wonderful. I wanted to be part of that, so I reached out to her. ‘If you need anything … If you have a question that you think is silly … If you want snacks, I’ve got snacks.’ I wanted her to be part of my people.”

What do you think of what Marci Miller and Camila Banus had to say about “Chabby” on Days Of Our Lives?

[Featured Image by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Corday Productions]