‘DWTS’ News: Charo Already Starting A Feud With Judge Bruno Tonioli

Charo is on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and it sounds like she is already causing a bit of controversy on the show. Last night, Charo did her first dance with her partner, Keo Motsepe. They got a score of 21 out of 40, and she wasn’t thrilled about it.

E! Online shared the details about what Charo had to say regarding the score that Judge Bruno Toniolo gave her. She is already starting a feud and wants Bruno to know how she feels. Charo spoke out to him and didn’t hold back at all.


After Charo finished her dance, Keo told her how proud he was of her, and she explained that she dances better with an audience.

Charo told him, “Keo, I need the audience. I’m a performer, I have audience all the time. I love audiences. They are my oxygen. I only breathe with audience. When I’m alone, I am normally a miserable you know what.”

This wasn’t all that Charo had to say on the subject. After that, she told Bruno Toniolo exactly how she feels about his score and started to ignite a bit of a feud by what she had to say to him. Charo thinks she deserved a better score than she received on the show.

Here is what Charo had to say about it.

“I’ve got a message for Bruno: If he wants to be alive for his next birthday, you better give me bigger numbers. Bigger! I’m watching you. We already have a controversy. Because I am the queen of the cuchi-cuchi, OK? Don’t mess with me because, Bruno, I look at you.”

However, Charo didn’t get the lowest score of the night and could end up sticking around. Now, Charo will have Bruno thinking twice before he gives her a bad score that is for sure. It will be another week before anyone knows if Charo is going to go home or will stick around on the show for another week or two. With the score she got last night, it could end getting her sent home after just one week on the show.


E! Online also shared the plans that Charo has on how she is going to dominate this season of the show.

At the time, Charo shared about her dance, “It will be salsa cuchi. It’s going to be caliente, fuego and sexy!”

Charo actually teased that she was going to be innocent, but anyone who knows Charo doesn’t believe that for a second.

This season of Dancing with the Stars is off to a good start. On Week 1, nobody was sent home. It will be next week before there is an actual elimination. Charo could end up being the first to go, but her fans are very hopeful that she will stick around for a while to show off her dance moves. Charo is going to have to get the votes and also prove to all of the judges, including Bruno Tonioli, that she can do it.

Are you shocked by what Charo had to say to Judge Bruno Tonioli? Do you think that Charo stands a chance of winning this season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights on ABC. This season is already off to a great start!

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]