Roman Reigns Reveals An Odd Observation About WWE Fans

Roman Reigns hears the boos when he enters the stadium and he knows that the volume goes up as he nears the WWE ring, but who are these people? There’s no doubt they are there as Reigns’ fans, as well as his foes, can tell you the boos are coming from real people strewn about the WWE audience. But what happens to them when it comes time for Reigns to meet the fans of the WWE, as not an echo of a boo or word of hatred is heard?

According to Uproxx, it was during a recent interview when Reigns opened up to share that he’s actually never met a fan who had a disparaging word to say to him. The fans of the WWE break out into a chorus of boos when Reigns first appears at an event and the negative reactions he gets during his time in the ring are all part of the WWE experience, suggests Reigns.


He sees these reactions not so much as a bad thing, but as the fans thinking this is what they are supposed to do – boo at Reigns! The Big Dog also said that it is all part of the fans having fun while at a WWE event, reports Wrestling Inc. For Reigns, it is all about the “fans showing up” and “having fun.” He goes on to say “if that entails booing me, then please. Pile in baby, I’m a grown man, I got kids, I can handle it.”

While in the ring, yes it sounds like hatred, but Reigns said that when it comes to being up close and personal with the fans, “it’s all love.” Reigns revealed during this interview how he has “never met a hater in real life. Everybody is nothing but kind.”


When he meets the WWE fans in real life, they aren’t interested in bashing him, Reigns said it’s all about getting his autograph and getting their pictures taken with him. He said “if they love to hate me,” he’s fine with that. As one of the WWE’s most recognized faces, he points out that what’s really “cool” is the fact that the WWE events are family shows and that gives way to people of all ages watching the events.

The age groups open up to many different kinds of people who enjoy the WWE wrestling, conveys Reigns. He enjoys the diversity of all the people who come out to see the WWE matches. Uproxx explains this phenomenon of the booing fans who all of a sudden turn extremely gracious when they meet Reigns face to face. They call it the “disconnect between playing a role as a fan and being an actual fan.”


You can’t help notice Reigns offers the complete package when you are standing in front of him as opposed to being in a seat far away from him at the events. “When you’re staring into that gorgeous face surrounded by that luxuriant mane of hair, you can’t help but be excited that you’re talking to Roman Reigns himself,” suggests Uproxx.

Reigns’ first wrestling match in front of people, consisted of an audience of about 20. He said it took place in a development in Tampa, Florida, inside a little warehouse. He recalls those days as being a “total different situation.” Then his first time on the road, he debuted to the crowds alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The trio made up The Shield back then. It was at that very first match when they basically “changed the whole course of the night,” said Reigns. They got into the ring and they tore the place apart. “Things haven’t been the same since,” said the Big Dog.


From the sounds of things, Reigns is enjoying his WWE ride and it appears that he recognizes the fans are into role playing, much like the wrestlers themselves. Booing Reigns comes along with the territory and by the fans belting out those boos, Reigns takes it as a sign that the fans are getting into their role playing and having fun.

If Reigns meets them after the match, the same booing fans are starstruck and have nothing but nice things to say to him. This just goes to show there’s probably a bit more role-playing going on in the WWE than you first thought. It is not just in the ring, but out in the audience as well.

[Featured Image by Mel Evans/AP Images]