WWE News: Paige Scandal The Topic Of Backstage Meeting In WWE Prior To ‘RAW’

Paige continues to be positioned in the middle of the latest firestorm involving WWE superstars, despite not having wrestled a match for the company since June of 2016. It’s been covered ad nauseam that illicit photos and videos of Paige were leaked onto the Internet recently after someone had stolen her private property. It appears that Paige may have been the first, but not the last, as other female performers may have fallen victim to hacks or leaks as well.

The explicit material of Paige may have raised some morality issues, but the manner in which they were released led many to the conclusion that she isn’t responsible. The WWE was put in the unenviable position of how to handle it, considering Xavier Woods was also involved, as was former WWE talent, Brad Maddox. Plus, there’s the issue of Hulk Hogan, who fell victim to a similar act.

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All the buzz that the Paige story generated last week resulted in a closed-door meeting Monday in Brooklyn before Monday Night RAW went on the air, according to a report from Daily Wrestling News. Those present at the meeting included Vince McMahon, Triple H, officials from Talent Relations and others yet to be confirmed. No word officially on what details were discussed or what actions WWE will take, but the hope backstage is that the situation will blow over.

As of now, WWE officials are not planning on disciplining Paige or Xavier Woods. The only way that either will face punishment is if WWE sponsors or USA Network executives demand it. Paige has been out of action for nine months with a neck injury, at one point believed to be career-threatening.

Leading into Monday night’s show, there was some speculation that the WWE would not use The New Day for fear of crowd reaction ruining whatever they might have had planned. However, as seen, Xavier, Kofi, and Big E were involved, albeit in a short backstage segment promoting several of the featured matches at WrestleMania. The New Day, of course, will be the hosts for the event and there have been no indications as of yet that Xavier would be pulled from that role.

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The group did not mention the scandal involving Paige, but did partially acknowledge Xavier’s wrong-doing when they started the segment with Big E and Kofi looking at Woods in a jokingly condescending manner. There were a few “We want Paige” chants from the Brooklyn crowd, but they subsided, and of course, nothing was mentioned by the commentary team either.

The most recent precedent Paige, and fans, could look to would have to be Seth Rollins in 2015. Rollins’ ex-girlfriend leaked a nude photograph of the WWE superstar which went viral and gave the family-oriented company a black eye. It would eventually blow over, Rollins suffered no punishment and would soon be elevated into the main event scene. His money-in-the-bank cash-in a couple of months after provided one of the more memorable moments in the history of WrestleMania.

Paige may have even been saved from punishment before this backstage meeting as it was. As many wrestling fans are aware, The Rock is currently producing a major motion picture based on the lives of Paige and her family. The Rock is in full production mode and had even shot a couple of scenes for the movies several weeks back when the WWE was in Los Angeles. He doesn’t want this scandal to ruin the making of the film, which is also being co-produced by the WWE.

We will keep you posted when any new information emerges from the meeting, but as of now, WWE management is not expected to punish Paige or Xavier Woods and will let the whole situation run its course and is slowly forgotten.

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