Despite Weekend Births April The Giraffe Remains Adventure Park Star

The much anticipated arrival of April’s baby giraffe continues today after this weekend offered up a few births at the Animal Adventure Park, but a giraffe calf wasn’t one of them. April the giraffe has caught the nation’s attention as she waddles around her Adventure Park home getting ready to give birth to a baby giraffe any minute now. Despite three new births at her Animal Adventure Park home over the weekend, all eyes are on April and that baby giraffe that should be making its way into the world very soon.

“It’s not an exact science,” said the very patient veterinarian attempting to predict when April’s giraffe baby will enter the world. The veterinarian tending to mama giraffe’s pregnancy can’t pinpoint when the calf will come. Just like everyone else, the vet and the giraffe handlers will have to wait for nature to take its course.

In the evening report from Sunday night, the vet also noted that April’s behavior has been documented as “a little off” by the staff at Animal Adventure Park. NBC News cites that April’s handlers were reporting how April’s baby giraffe was “poking out of her side” at the end of last week. Their thoughts on that were “Holy Smokes!”

The anticipation is wild, as people take to the official Animal Adventure Park website to watch April the giraffe’s every move. The mama giraffe continues carrying her unborn “calf and belly toward the back,” according to Tucson News. This birth will make number four for April, but it is the first offspring for the baby daddy of this unborn giraffe.

Everyone is anticipating a “baby” giraffe, when April gives birth, but this baby will be anything but tiny. This newborn giraffe should weigh more than some full-grown adults weigh. April’s baby will be way too big for a crib at about 6-feet tall and approximately 150 pounds. Below is a picture of April’s mate for this pregnancy, his name is Oliver. Oliver will be a proud papa anytime soon.

While all eyes were on April during the days leading up to the birth of her calf, a couple of other animals gave birth at the Animal Adventure Park. Twin black belly Barbados lambs were born on Saturday, as well as another lamb, who came into the world on Monday.

As adorable as baby lambs tend to be, this still isn’t taking any of the attention away from April’s pending birth. The Animal Adventure Park began live-streaming April on February 23, via YouTube, according to Fox News. The video was removed for a while after animal rights activists flagged the video as “sexually explicit.” But it wasn’t down for too long and once it was restored, it gave the world back their window into April’s home. According to Tucson News, the park believes the flagging of the streaming video was a deed done by animal activists who are against zoos.

It is not easy keeping the interest of those at home watching April, as she moves slowly around her habitat. To mix things up a bit, a few clips have been posted with April playing with some new toys her handlers supplied her. According to the Tucson News, “tens of thousands of people have tuned in for days watching the reticulated giraffe walk around her pen and do very little else, waiting until she has the baby.”

While the latest reports on April indicate her belly is bigger than last week, so there’s no mistaking this giraffe is ready to deliver a calf sometime soon. After giving birth three times before, the giraffe looks like she’s taking this all in her stride. Now that the weather is getting warmer and the snow cover is melting at this upstate New York animal park, staff reports they will be offering the giraffes some outdoor time soon.

[Featured Image by Khaled Kazziha/AP Images]