Cat Deeley Disgusted By LA Eatery

Cat Deeley ranted on Twitter about “moron” stuff of an LA eatery. The cheerful presenter was unusually upset on her Twitter feed when she was disgusted by her experience at a restaurant she visited in downtown Los Angeles. She was dissatisfied with the food and the staff at the restaurant but didn’t give a lot of details about what actually happened at the Italian restaurant.

Cat told her fans to stay away from the restaurant and predicted that the restaurant may even close down very soon.

Obviously this had her fans enthused as the 40-year-old is usually very positive and usually says good things about either people or places. This led her fans to question what happened to her at the restaurant, which simply led to her urging them to stay away from the eatery altogether due to her disgust.

Cat Deeley’s Rant

Cat Deeley’s rant wasn’t just about the food but also the “moron” staff. She said that their food was terrible, and then went to call out the manager by calling the manager of the Italian restaurant Tom George a moron.

According to Eater Los Angeles, Tom George is from Budapest, Hungary, and the eatery in Los Angeles has a large dining area. Tom George itself has been existence for many years and has a high reputation. The restaurant has a variety of smaller restaurants in Hungary.

Unfortunately for the new restaurant, the Cat may have tainted the reputation after what she had experienced.

She mentioned how the restaurant was being run terribly by the manager and said that the manager could be described as an amateur before telling her fans to avoid the restaurant at all costs.

Cat explained that the manager had been unhelpful to her and rude. She said that there should be respect and love shown to everyone, adding that attention to detail was necessary. This perhaps was the biggest hint of what may have happened to her lackluster experience. Adding that her order was wrong not once but several times and that one of the meals served was inedible.

PEOPLE Food spoke with the manager, Zoltan Davis, and he claimed that he didn’t deal with Cat Deeley but the manager who did, apologized to her. He did say that he was at the restaurant at the time, but he hadn’t realized that there was a big issue.

He added that her food was complimentary, but she had to pay for her cocktails. He added that they did the best that they could and that different people have different tastes. Stating that they can’t really be perfect for everyone and that they usually received good reviews for their food.

The waiter who served her that night went on to announce that Cat had not left him a tip despite her issue being specifically with the food. He also revealed that the restaurant took care of the bill. Cat replied to him saying that she had informed him that it wasn’t his fault, but she took issue with the several mistakes that were not corrected.

“Cat, as your server at Tom George I am hurt by your response to free food. I gave you respect, and I served you with love.”

Cat’s Return To SM: TV

Cat, who is filming So You Think You Can Dance, may soon reunite with Ant and Dec for the 20th anniversary of their former TV show SM: TV. Ant revealed that they were talking about it and that if there was an interest, they would consider doing an anniversary special and they would try to get Cat involved.

Cat responded and said that she thought it would be a great idea and she thought it was about time.

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