Tom Schwartz Plans To Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And Remove Katie Maloney From Drama?

Tom Schwartz decided to propose to Katie Maloney last year while filming Vanderpump Rules, because he really wanted to get married to her. She had given him several ultimatums several times, but she stuck with him even though he didn't meet her deadlines for a proposal. These days, Tom and Katie are married and they could be thinking about a future together. They could be thinking about children, careers and perhaps doing something else other than getting drunk at parties, trash talk their co-stars and film a reality show. At least Tom is thinking about moving on from the spotlight.

According to a new SheKnows report, Tom Schwartz is supposedly ready to leave the glitz and glam of reality television behind to focus on his life with Katie behind closed doors. Even though they filmed their wedding for all to see, it sounds like Schwartz wants to leave Vanderpump Rules behind so he can focus on starting a family and have children with Maloney.

Shockingly, Tom is the one who has been hesitating throughout the last couple of years. He didn't want to get married until he had a certain amount of money in his bank account and he wanted a steady job compared to bartending at PUMP and working as a model. Katie, on the other hand, wanted to get hitched and she kept saying that if Tom Schwartz didn't get his life together she would find someone else. Given it took him so long to commit to her, it seems odd that he would jump into starting a family so soon.However, Schwartz may be changing his mind given Maloney has been teased about her weight gain. Over the past couple of months, her co-stars have been teasing her about her weight gain and they are mocking her, teasing her about possibly being pregnant. Maybe Tom Schwartz has realized that his friends wouldn't care of Katie got pregnant, as it does seem like the logical next step after getting married. Even though the jokes are harsh and come mostly from James Kennedy and Lala Kent, Tom could be open to the idea of starting a family sooner rather than later.


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During the first episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz did seem unhappy about how Maloney was changing after rekindling her friendship with Stassi Schroeder. Last year, Schwartz really encouraged Katie to forgive Stassi and move on, as they had been close friends for a long period of time. But Tom Schwartz doesn't like it when the girls get together and trash talk some of their co-stars, including Lala Kent and James Kennedy. Tom told the producers in a confessional interview that he didn't like how Maloney was becoming one of the mean girls once again.

In addition, Tom revealed that he did feel that she had changed after rekindling her friendship with Schroeder. And he wasn't so sure that she was the person who he wanted to marry, especially since he liked it when she had respect for people. During the OK! Magazine party on the season premiere, Schwartz tried to explain to her that she couldn't push her opinions onto other people and that if Tom Sandoval wanted to be friendly with James and Lala, she shouldn't judge him for it.What do you think of Tom Schwartz's possible exit from Vanderpump Rules? Do you think he's foolish for leaving such a good gig behind to focus on starting a family or do you think he's doing it to protect his wife, who appears to become a mean girl when she hangs around with the wrong crowd?

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