Urinating On A Police Car Is Never A Good Idea [Video]

Tara Dodrill

Roger Alvin Henderson was just about to walk away from a traffic stop when he decided to unzip his fly, free his manhood, and urinate all over a police car. The Florida man was pulled over for a simple window tint violation before the routine police stop took a bizarre turn.

Henderson reportedly relieved himself on the cruise when the law enforcement officer’s back was turned, the Florida Sun-Sentinel notes. The man allegedly told the deputy that he had to urinate, but the officer appeared not to hear the request for relief. Dash cam video shows the Florida deputy leaning in a window to speak with Roger Henderson’s mother, who was inside the vehicle.

Roger definitely picked the wrong time and place to answer nature’s call. According to WTSP-TV, the deputy was informing Henderson’s mother that the tinted windows were not a moving violation after all and he was letting them go without a ticket. The polite sheriff's deputy apologized to the woman for needlessly detaining her on the side of the road after discovering that the window tint did not constitute the need for a ticket.

After noticing the yellow pool of liquid next to his cruiser, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy stuffed and cuffed Henderson. He was transported to the local sheriff’s office and booked on indecent exposure, the Huffington Post reports.

The Alachua County deputy had this to say when he turned around to let Henderson go and saw the urine streaming around his cruiser:

“Did you pee on my car? You just p***ed on my car!”