'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Faces Carly And Liv And Finn's Desperate

What can everybody expect next from General Hospital? Spoilers tease that during Monday's show, Bobbie will be confronting Nelle while Carly and Sonny face a difficult decision. Tracy is ready to share some good news with Hayden, and Finn seems to be looking into an opening of some sort. Lulu is still determined to gain custody of Charlotte, but Valentin and Nina are feeling confident that the little girl is staying with them. What else is coming up during the week of March 20?

Sonny and Carly have had their issues over the years, but GH teasers hint that this supposed betrayal, where they both think that Sonny slept with Nelle, might be the breaking point for "CarSon." SheKnows Soaps shares that she just won't be able to look past this incident, and there are hints swirling that she'll soon connect with someone new. Will these two really be able to stay away from one another?

Valentin and Nina will be reassuring Charlotte that nobody will be taking her away from them, but General Hospital spoilers share that Lulu will be intent on finding a way to gain custody of her daughter. She'll lash out at Laura as they discuss the situation, and GH teasers hint that Valentin will do something that throws Lulu off somehow.

Bobbie will confront Nelle and tear into her for the havoc she's wreaked in Port Charles, but GH teasers indicate that Nelle isn't going anywhere yet. She'll consider a proposition that comes her way, and the buzz is that Lulu and Laura might be connected to Nelle's upcoming interest in becoming Charlotte's nanny.

Chloe Lanier plays Nelle on 'General Hospital'
Nelle faces Bobbie's wrath, but she's not leaving Port Charles [Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]

Finn is said to come to a turning point of some kind, and General Hospital spoilers note that he'll be seen on a phone call where he asks about an opening. Could he be ready to bail on Hayden and GH in order to avoid dealing with his Zen Zen addiction? Elizabeth is going to push Hayden for answers in the episodes ahead, and Soap Central notes that Hayden will turn to an old friend as this plays out. Finn will face an irate Tracy in the midst of all of this, and he'll face difficult decisions as he tries to keep his secret under wraps.

Anna is going to be confronting Andre, and she'll soon pursue an ally who might be something of a surprise. Kevin and Laura will struggle in their relationship due to her obsession with Charlotte's custody situation, and Elizabeth and Franco's concerns over Jake will increase. There is plenty of chaos ahead over the next few shows, but GH teasers do share a bright light in that happy moments are coming for Jason and Sam as they revel in Scout's arrival.

What about Julian and Olivia Jerome? General Hospital spoilers reveal that Liv will be causing more chaos for Griffin, and she'll be facing an irate Sonny. GH teasers hint that Sonny will be left feeling discouraged by the events transpiring in Port Charles this week and he'll be left feeling hopeless. As for Liv, her time in Port Charles will seemingly come to an end quite soon. The buzz has been that the door will be left open for a return down the road, and it sounds as if she may manage to escape custody and go on the run.

William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn play Julian and Alexis on 'General Hospital'
Will Julian and Alexis eventually reunite on 'GH'? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

As for Julian, it seems that his fate will remain unknown for now and Alexis will struggle to cope with her intense feelings in the wake of his supposed loss and the letter he left for her. Is Julian really gone? There have been hints that a reunion for these two is on the way, and that seems even more likely after actress Nancy Lee Grahn apparently posted, then deleted, a tweet about having just filmed a love scene.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares the now-deleted tweet referencing the scene, and at least a couple of her followers had replied back to the tweet in ways specific enough to indicate that Grahn indeed had spilled some juicy GH teasers. Since it seems awfully unlikely that Alexis would move on to get intimate with anybody else for a while, it sounds as if Julian may be returning and sparks might fly. It could be that the two were filming a flashback or dream sequence of some sort, but there have been some GH teasers pointing to a Julian return. It sounds as if it's on the way.

What's next on Nelle's agenda and will she ultimately help Lulu in her custody battle with Valentin over Charlotte? Is there any hope for a reunion between Carly and Sonny, and will Julian turn up alive and anxious to reunite with Alexis? Can Finn kick his Zen Zen habit and move forward with Hayden, and what will Elizabeth and Franco learn about Jake's years with Helena? General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more chaos on the way, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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