Jessa Duggar Dishes On The Upcoming Season Of 'Counting On'

Jessa Duggar is giving fans a glimpse into what to expect for the upcoming season of Counting On. It is set to return this summer but no date has been officially announced. This is the fourth season of the show, which came out of the 19 Kids and Counting cancellation. Counting On features Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar at the forefront while the other siblings are occasionally filmed. Initially, TLC had intended for it to be a special where the Duggar girls could talk about the scandal that happened with their oldest brother, Josh Duggar, but instead it has turned into so much more.

Season 3 of Counting On left fans hanging with Austin Forsyth asking for Jim Bob Duggar's permission to propose to Joy-Anna Duggar. Jessa Duggar weighs in on that during the newly-released trailer for Season 4. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar spills the tea on what Forsyth's family demanded of him before he got married. He was to flip five houses before he settled down and got married. Jessa explained that they are already working on the fifth house. It is an interesting request of a young man, but Forsyth followed the directions his father handed him perfectly.

There is definitely going to be some footage of Henry Wilberforce's birth, which Jessa Duggar also talks about. She has briefly commented about how things went, though the details have not all been made clear. Fans have been anticipating seeing how things went down, especially after the traumatic birth she had with Spurgeon which landed her in the hospital. The chilling 911 call made by Michelle Duggar is something fans still remember watching. It is unclear how much footage will be available, but it was confirmed that some of it is from TLC cameras and some is personal footage from Ben Seewald.

The Duggar family is growing by leaps and bounds this year. Jessa Duggar welcomed her second child, Jill Duggar is due with her second child in July, and it was recently announced that Anna Duggar would be welcoming her fifth child with husband, Josh Duggar. All of these girls were also pregnant at the same time last time, though this time around they are all carrying or have had baby boys. This will likely not make it onto the show because TLC has shunned Josh because of his scandals. They are focused on his sisters, predominately Jill and Jessa Duggar.

Fans are excited for the upcoming season of Counting On. Aside from Jessa Duggar giving birth, there will be focus on Jinger Duggar adjusting to married life in Texas with husband, Jeremy Vuolo. There are hopes that the couple will be announcing a baby is on the way shortly, though many have expected it would have already happened by now. Rumors they are waiting to start a family have been flooding social media, but they have not been confirmed by the couple. Joy-Anna Duggar's engagement will also be a focal point, and some wedding planning may be in the works.

Counting On will be back this summer, sooner rather than later. TLC has not yet announced a confirmed premiere date, but with all of the action happening in the Duggar family, the wait should not be too long. While Season 5 has not been picked up, there is strong hope that with Joy-Anna's wedding and Jill Duggar having her second child there will be steady ratings. Jessa Duggar has given fans a glimpse into what to expect for the new season and fans are excited to see what has happened over the last few months that hasn't been reported on in the media.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Twitter]