'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Is Joey Getting Blackmailed?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are out and this to Joey Johnson fans because he's about to have a lot on his plate. As the Inquisitr reported, Joey might find himself in a bit of trouble with the arrival of his half-brother Tripp.

Joey's half brother Tripp arrived in Salem wanting to find his real father and mother. He found his father, but on the way to gaining knowledge about his birth parents, he discovered that his mother was murdered. Since he learned the news, he's been out to get the person who murdered his mother. The one snag in this? Is that his half brother killed Ava, and seeing as how badly Tripp wants to bring his mother's killer to justice, Joey will be in the line of fire eventually.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Joey may not just have Tripp to worry about. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Joey might be blackmailed by Jade. Of course, Jade is the one who knows the whole story, and since she's aware that Joey doesn't want to be found out, she might threaten him. Some Days of Our Lives fans believe that Jade wouldn't turn on Joey, but at this point, we know that she's desperate for his attention. These two have a crazy history, to say the least. Most recently, Jade's father attacked Joey's mother, Kayla, so there's bad blood involved in this tug of war outside of their relationship.

The more pressing issue in this would-be-relationship is Joey's feelings for Jade. He has decided just to stay friends, and despite that, Jade has tried all she could to win his love and devotion. She's running out of options, so like any troubled character on Days of Our Lives, she might go to great lengths to show how hurt she is by telling Tripp that his half brother is his biological mother's killer.

This Days of Our Lives spoilers bit isn't that far fetched as far as storylines go. Of course, this wouldn't put her in the best position to win Joey's heart, but perhaps the rat's identity will be a mystery? If that's the case, then we can definitely see Joey being in a vulnerable place to lean on Jade after he discovers that his long lost half brother wants him dead.

That said, Jade's storyline doesn't end with just Joey. As Days of Our Lives fans know, she recently donated her liver to Hal. Spoilers state that after the surgery Jade will be given pain meds to deal with post-op and as we know when there's pain medication involved, that usually means we're heading for an addiction storyline. As viewers of Days of Our Lives know, we already just got through an addiction storyline with another character, so it would be a bit of a surprise if the staff recycled this plot for Jade.

Regarding Days of Our Lives spoilers, it would be a little more interesting to see Jade fake an addiction to win Joey's love. After all, she's a schemer so we wouldn't put this move above her. That said, it looks this spoiler goes a bit deeper than a regular scheme. The last Jade-centric spoiler/theory reveal that she will have a medical emergency and will be rushed back to the hospital. While we don't know for certain if the pills are involved, we do know that Joey will be by her side which will keep their relationship in gray territory.

Do you think these Days of Our Lives spoilers will keep viewers invested in this relationship?

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