‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Does The Unthinkable For Nicole

In a previous Days of Our Lives spoilers post, the Inquisitr teased that Brady was going to talk some sense into Nicole after she kidnapped Holly from Chloe. While Chloe was rightfully angry and ready to press charges, Brady insisted that he would handle things and told Deimos, who also got involved, that he would figure out a plan that was safe for everyone involved.

Deimos, of course, wanted to take control of the situation since he still wants to be with Nicole. That said, his way was dangerous, and Days of Our Lives viewers were led to believe that Brady was going to be level headed with his plan to get Nicole and Holly back safe and sound. As it turns out, it looks like Brady may be stealing a page from Deimos’ book when it comes to seeking out an alternative option.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Brady is going to do the unthinkable. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans should prepare themselves because it’s said that he’s going to try and sneak Nicole and Holly into Canada. Now, this is something that we would expect from Deimos but definitely not Brady, especially when it seems like he had the best intentions for all parties involved.

When he finds Nicole and Holly he will confront her about her reckless decisions, and offer his original advice in that she should wait for the process of her appeal for a legal reunion with her biological daughter, but Nicole is desperate and doesn’t see that as an option given how the judge ruled on the original custody case.

Days of Our Lives fans will get the chance to hear Nicole’s side when she thoroughly explains to Brady her thought process. She doesn’t have any faith in the judicial system, and she couldn’t stand the thought of Chloe taking care of Holly. She thinks that Chloe is in the wrong for taking Holly away from her biological mom.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Brady will be sympathetic towards her stance and will do anything to help her. Unfortunately, she’s put him in quite the bind, and he will see no choice but to do things a little dirty when it comes to ensuring that mother and daughter are together. Now that he knows Nicole is willing to risk her freedom to be reunited with her daughter, he will come up with a dangerous plan.

Fans of Days of Our Lives might be stunned when they see Brady offer to sneak the two into Canada for a new life. He will go as far as making arrangements for the two. As of right now, it’s not known if Brady will be alone in this plan. It won’t be a surprise if Deimos tries to meddle his way into things, considering he had a similar idea from the very beginning. As fans know, he’s still trying to get into Nicole’s good graces even though she wants nothing to do with him.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Victor may help out with things despite his feelings toward Nicole. As Days of Our Lives fans are aware, Victor would do almost anything for Brady, and this might be one of those times where he just bites the bullet.

What do you think of these Days of Our Lives spoilers? How do you think Chloe will react to all of this?

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