‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Brady Save Baby Holly?

If you’ve been following the Days of Our Lives spoilers, you know that Nicole has an epic kidnapping plan to get Holly back into her grasps. That said, is there someone looking to save the day?

According to a post by Celeb Dirty Laundry, it’s Brady who is looking to stop her before she does colossal damage to herself. Although she lost custody of baby Holly, even though she’s her biological mother, the court awarded custody to Chloe. Spoilers say that Brady will do everything in his power to right this situation for Nicole’s sake. He knows this can have major consequences when she looks to repeal the ruling, so even though he’s shocked by her actions, he will try to talk some sense into her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that he knows something is up with her when she misses their dinner. He has a hunch and fears the worst since they had just had a conversation about the case. With that in mind, he thinks she might have done something to jeopardize her future and immediately heads to Chloe to stop her from doing something she will regret down the line.

Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives viewers will see that Brady is too late, and when he arrives at Chloe’s, he sees her in a state of duress after being chloroformed by Nicole. Of course, he also realizes that his greatest fears are true and that baby Holly is missing. Once he realizes what has happened, he will worry that she has ruined any chances of being reunited with Holly, and that’s when he springs into action in an effort to right her wrongs.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that on the other side of that is Deimos. As Days of Our Lives fans are aware, Deimos is in love with Nicole and has done everything his power to get her back. Of course, she has reacted by keeping her distance from him because she was worried that having any association would ruin her chances of getting Holly back from Chloe. As Days of Our Lives fans might suspect, Deimos’ plan to get her back deviates from Brady’s. While Brady wants to do the stand-up thing and try to find Nicole and talk some sense into her, Deimos wants to take it to the extreme and use his resources the only way he knows how. Spoilers state that Deimos wants to sneak her out of the country.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that he thinks this is the better strategy because it will allow her to raise the baby the way she wants to, even if she’s no longer in Salem. This would also make the tug of war between the two women come to an end. That said, Brady argues that this isn’t the right way to go about things. The two argue about their different strategy, and as Days of Our Lives viewers will predict, Deimos will stick to his own plan for Nicole. The two men will pursue her separately.

As usual for a dramatic storyline on Days of Our Lives, the two men don’t just have Nicole to worry about. When Chloe comes to and realizes what has happened, she’s obviously angry and concerned about Holly. That said, Brady will try to smooth things over with Chloe and has faith that she’ll let him handle everything in a calm manner. He worries that Chloe will act out of anger because she’s not thinking straight and an even bigger mess will transpire. It’s said that Chloe will eventually let Brady handle it but will go against her word and issue an amber alert.

What do you think of these Days of Our Lives spoilers? What will happen to Holly’s biological mom now that she took matters into her own hands?

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