Animal Adventure Park Cam: April The Giraffe’s Belly ‘Towards Back End’

April the giraffe looking into the live cam

Animal Adventure Park has given us another update on April the giraffe! Zookeepers have been keeping a close eye on April as she prepares to birth her fourth calf. While thousands of people watch April via a live cam that has been set up outside of her stall, the zoo continues to post updates on their internet star by way of social media.

Animal Adventure Park has been very good about making sure everyone is up to speed on April and her condition as she continues to showcase more and more signs that she is close to labor. The most significant thing lately has been the location of the baby and the drop in April’s belly. It has been exactly one week since that first “drop” was reported.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, April’s calf will reposition itself before he or she is born. All of the movement inside of April’s belly is a clear sign that her little one is preparing itself for birth. This morning, Animal Adventure Park mentioned that April is still carrying “towards the back end,” which is definitely a good sign! The zoo also mentioned that April’s appetite has been cut back a bit, which is another sign that she could be getting ready to go into labor!

“Keeper report is that belly/baby continue to stay towards the back end. Observation overnight peaked our interest a few times, but nothing to report just yet. April is eating but not as ravenous as days prior. No pressure April the Giraffe, but April the month isn’t far away,” read this morning’s Animal Adventure Park’s update on Facebook.

Last night’s update showed just how far April’s calf is “sticking out” her side! That little one has been moving around quite a bit this past week.

Animal Adventure Park zookeepers and veterinarians are watching April closely, waiting for a few things to happen before they can confirm that she is in labor. Aside from the drop in her belly and the calf’s positioning (lined up with the birth canal), the zoo will be waiting for her water to break. They will also be keeping an eye on how much she is eating because mama giraffes about the give birth usually lose their appetite.

Another sign that April is going to go into labor is the point when the wax caps fall off her udders. This occurs before the calf is born as the giraffe’s body prepares itself to nurse. In recent updates, Animal Adventure Park has noted that April’s wax caps are still in place.

Animal Adventure Park does not know April’s exact due date. Although this is the zoo’s first giraffe calf, they are very knowledgeable about the process and have been doing a great job keeping the public informed. Their decision to stream April’s pre-labor, labor, and birth was clearly a good one, as their pregnant giraffe has gone viral.

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And now, the world watches and waits for the moment when April the giraffe stands tall, lifts her tail, and pushes her calf out, hooves first. The zoo plans on allowing the camera to roll through the whole birthing process and will keep their live feed up for a couple of days after their new addition arrives.

Are you excited to watch April give birth? Do you think she will have her calf this week? Let us know your best due date guesses in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]