Snake Slithers Through Woman’s AC Vent In Car, Nearly Wrecks

A Florida woman nearly wrecked her car after seeing a snake slithering through the an AC vent in her car, WJACTV reports.

The red snake was not a welcoming sight for a woman, who was driving down the highway when she suddenly noticed a snake coming through the AC vent to the left of her steering wheel. Panicked, she cut across two lanes and slammed on her brakes after she landed in a nearby parking lot.

When the snake was halfway out the door, the woman slammed it shut. When she opened her door, the snake fell helplessly on the ground. According to the lady, her husband “euthanized” the snake.

The snake was revealed to be a red corn snake. According to SnakeMD, a corn snake in the southern peninsula of Florida and Florida Keys area typically grow to about 30 inches, whereas corn snakes in the lower mid-Atlantic states may grow as large as 6 feet.

Corn snakes can be used as pets and can live as long as thirty years. They typically live longer if they are not used for breeding. They make excellent pets for first-time snake owners because they rarely have the urge to bite, and they are often very calm around people.

Unfortunately, the woman in the car must not have realized that the snake didn’t mean any harm. Perhaps it wanted her to be its friend. Take a look at the snake for yourself.

Meanwhile, in Germany, a hair salon is offering massages with a Python named Monty. Monty has been giving massages in the salon for about 13 years now and is a main attraction in the area. Frank Doehlen, the salon proprietor, told reporters that the python is approximately 90 percent muscle, making it the perfect candidate to give massages.

Hanna Haubold, a customer at The Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, German, told reporters how it feels to be massaged by a snake.

“It is quite heavy and warm, I thought it would feel cold. Well, it lies around the neck, that’s all.”

Although Monty will give a massage free of charge, the salon asks for donations to help with his food.

Pythons are known to kill their prey by tightly squeezing it, constricting their muscles and eventually suffocating it. National Geographic does reveal that in some instances, pythons have been known to kill humans, but this typically does not happen and is very rare.

For instance, a few years back, two sleeping boys from Canada were sleeping when they were suddenly strangled and killed by a python. The snake allegedly escaped from an exotic pet store, which was located just beneath the apartment where the boys were staying.

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Police assumed that the snake escaped his enclosure and found its way to the ventilation system, eventually ending up in the boys’ room. Jean-Claude Savoie, the owner of the store, noticed what had happened to the boys when he went to check on them. Savoie’s son had the boys over for a sleepover when the incident happened. His son was unharmed.

“My body is in shock. I don’t know what to think. I thought they were sleeping until I [saw] the hole in the ceiling. I turned the lights on and I [saw] this horrific scene.”

Although this type of this does not happen often, sometimes people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time with a very hungry snake. National Geographic does note that humans are not normal prey for pythons. As far as pythons killing humans go, the majority of the time children are victims of these rare attacks. Occasionally, a full-grown adult has fallen victim, but it is extremely rare.

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