RFK Son Acquitted: Douglas Kennedy Not Guilty In NY Hospital Case

RFK’s Son was acquitted on Tuesday on charges of child endangerment and harassment. Douglas Kennedy was charged with a January scuffle in a New York City maternity ward.

The incident occurred when Kennedy attempted to remove his newborn son from a Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco. At the time, Kennedy claimed and continues to maintain that he was trying to take his 2-day-old boy out of the hospital to get him some fresh air.

As he attempted to remove his son from the maternity ward, several nurses said it was against hospital policy and tried to stop his removal. Two nurses came forward after the incident, claiming that Douglas Kennedy attacked them and that he was unprovoked in his attack.

After hearing the case without a jury present, Mount Kisco Town Judge John Donahue ruled that Kennedy broke no laws and that the baby was never in danger. The judge found that any danger to the child would have been at the hands of the nurses’ actions.

In terms of taking the baby outside in New York City in January, the judge did not rule, stating:

“The Court is not determining whether the defendant’s behavior was wise or prudent.”

Following the case, lawyer Robert Gottlieb said the Kennedy’s are “thrilled that this nightmare has finally come to an end.”

The case got so far out of hand that the hospital issued a “code pink,” which signals a baby’s abduction from its care. Judge John Donahue said the nurses had no reason to issue the code pink since they knew the baby was going to return with his father.

Judge Donahue further blasted the nurses who realized charges would be brought and therefore began to “join together, get their stories straight and pressure the district attorney’s office to bring charges.”

The nurses have not yet commented on RFK’s son being acquitted.

In case you missed the original security footage from the incident, here it is: