‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 Preview Analysis: Krillin Vs Basil, Bulla’s Birth

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 featured the battle between Goku and Universe 11’s Toppo, and it generated even more hype for the upcoming Tournament of Power. As Goku and company prepare to gather the strongest fighters in Universe 7, the DBS Episode 83 preview teased some significant events that would transpire in next week’s episode.

The NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 teased numerous things, and they have managed to strike the interest of the anime’s fans significantly. Over the course of the DBS Episode 83 teaser, fans were shown brief glimpses of Krillin fighting against a very surprising foe and Vegeta’s source of stress finally being shown onscreen.

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 preview opened with a very pregnant Bulma participating in pregnancy exercises with the Pilaf Gang. Considering that the character has been pregnant for a while in the anime, these scenes are quite unsurprising, especially since the birth of her next child has been teased in several previous DBS episodes.

The next scenes in the preview featured Goku and Chi-Chi interacting with each other. Just like Bulma’s pregnancy exercises, these scenes are pretty much expected, especially since Beerus himself stated that he would like to have a feast while he can, considering that Universe 7 might be wiped out within days. What was really surprising, however, was the scene that immediately followed.

In what appears to be a simulation inside Goku’s mind, Krillin was featured fighting against Universe 9’s Basil. Since the two characters never actually met, speculation among fans of the anime is high that the scenes might pertain to Goku perceiving in his mind what would happen if his friend faced the U9 fighter. While the power levels between Basil (who faced off with Majin Buu) and Krillin (who has a history of dying on the franchise) are enormous, DB fans have stated that fighters such as Krillin might be useful against competitors of Basil’s caliber.

After all, it should be noted that before Dragon Ball Z, Krillin was actually one of the most capable fighters in the franchise. Before power levels in DBZ became a game of which character could quote higher numbers, the short, stocky fighter was known by fans as a formidable martial artist that could be considered as one of Goku’s strongest allies.

Even in Dragon Ball Z, where stronger opponents grossly outmatched Krillin, the fighter still managed to put up a fight. For one, he had solar flare techniques that blinded enemies. These, together, with his massive experience as a martial artist, might be a good reason why, in Goku’s mind, Krillin might actually put up a fight against opponents such as the Universe 9 fighter.

If any, the scenes in the DBS Episode 83 preview all but confirm that in the Tournament of Power, raw strength and power levels would not be everything that will determine victory. Instead, it would be skill and experience that might play a significant role in deciding the outcome of the grand battle royale.

While Krillin’s scenes in the DBS Episode 83 preview effectively stole the teaser, the end of the NEP also showed Bulla finally being born. Over the course of the last few episodes, Vegeta has been very hesitant to participate in any battles due to the impending birth of his daughter. With Bulla already born, there would be little to hold the Saiyan back from protecting Universe 7 with all his ability.

Longtime fans of the franchise have been looking forward to the introduction of Vegeta and Bulma’s second child. Bulla, while only appearing in the non-canonical Dragon Ball GT series of the ’90s, has managed to make an impact on fans of the series, mainly due to her feisty nature and her strong personality. Overall, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 preview all but confirms that significant strides would be taken by the anime next week with regards to the ongoing saga’s plot.


[Featured Image by Toei Animation]