Loma Linda: Earthquake Of Magnitude 3.5 Rattles Southern California Residents

The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed the occurrence of a magnitude 3.5 earthquake that had its epicenter near the Southern Californian city of Loma Linda. According to KTLA, the earthquake struck the Loma Linda region on Saturday afternoon. The news of this earthquake comes just a few days after two other small earthquakes rattled residents across the Inland Empire. Another earthquake of magnitude 2.5 was also reported from Goochland County in Virginia last week.

According to local news networks, the Loma Linda earthquake was reported at around 2:20 p.m., local time. USGS data confirmed that the epicenter of this earthquake was located 4 miles from Redlands, 8 miles from Colton, and 11 miles from San Bernardino. As of this report being filed, there has been no report of any casualties or damage for that matter. Several residents from the city, as well as Highland, Moreno Valley, Rancho Cucamonga, Murrieta, and Riverside, confirmed that they experienced the earthquake. The earthquakes that were reported earlier this week were of similar sizes — one measuring at 3.6 magnitude, and the other one of magnitude 3.0. The second, smaller earthquake had its epicenter close to the city of Banning.

Meanwhile, ABC 7 News has posted a video of their quake cam capturing the moment the magnitude 3.5 earthquake struck this time.

Shortly after the earthquake struck, people from the area took to social media to share their experiences. Here are few of the tweets that talked about the earthquake.

Some were merely concerned about their pets

Several others took to Facebook to express what they felt during the quake. Here is a selection of comments made by people who experienced the earthquake.

Heather Barbee, a resident of Chono Hilal, wrote, “I felt a very light shake in Chino Hills. It was small but I could tell it was an earthquake because the house creaked at the same time.”

Another individual named John Giese says he clearly felt the earthquake, but it was too small for even the dogs to notice.

“I felt it. Sitting outside on concrete pad. The RV next door sounded like it moved on its jacks. Dog never moved lol”

At least one person said their apartment had some damage. Patti Moreno Cornuelle, a resident of El Monte, wrote, “My apt cracked in El Monte. At first I thought it was just windy but there’s no wind! My cats looked up so I know we had something going on here lol”

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