UFO Sightings 2017: Strange, Shapeshifting Object In Gloucester Sparks Intrigue

A recent UFO sighting, featuring what appears to be a glowing, shape-shifting craft, has managed to polarize both believers and skeptics alike. The incident, which transpired sometime this March in Gloucester, has been brought to the attention of numerous UFO investigators, including the world-renowned Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The mysterious pulsating craft was captured on camera by Rob Wheatman, who recorded the incident in Elmbridge, somewhere near Gloucester, according to a report from The Express. According to Wheatman, he initially thought the object was merely a star until it started to behave somewhat differently from other celestial bodies in the night sky.

“I saw it as a sparkling ‘star’ from the garden in Elmbridge, due south. What alerted me was an orange light that came from it and traveled at speed north east. I grabbed my video, and luckily it has a 40x zoom, and that’s when I got the images of the bizarre light you saw.”

The video that Wheatman captured, which can be viewed below, features a strange object in the sky that appears to be shifting in color now and then. The shape of the object looked circular, and it seemed to somehow move across in the sky. What was particularly interesting about Wheatman’s footage was the fact that the mysterious object was in focus, thanks to the camera that was used.

Nevertheless, UFO skeptics have brushed off the strange sighting as nothing but one of the planets in the Solar System. Scott Brando, who runs the UFO hoax-busting website UFOofInterest.org stated that from the available footage of the object, he is sure that the mysterious “craft” was merely a planet under the scintillation effect.

Brando further said that the pulsating effect, as well as the movement of the strange object across the night sky, was due to the camera’s lens zooming into the celestial body. Overall, the UFO hoax-buster stated that the sighting was nothing but “rubbish.”

“People like to share this rubbish to make it viral. I already said in a tweet; it’s a planet/star under the scintillation effect. Some people look at the sky without understanding what the planets/stars they are seeing are, and mistake optical effects like twinkling or scintillation for UFOs. They don’t move, but some people think UFOs move in the screens of their cameras.”

While skeptics are already set on the idea that Wheatman’s sighting involved nothing extraterrestrial, UFO investigators such as Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily stated that the footage definitively appeared to be something extraordinary. According to the UFO blogger and investigator, similar pulsating crafts have been spotted around the world over the past month, and numerous believers, including Waring himself, have seen one in the sky.

“This glowing UFO has been recorded all around the world in the last four weeks. I can easily post 20 videos of it in different countries. I myself recorded it just two weeks ago, and it looks exactly the same as this here in Taiwan. I didn’t bother posting it, because lately, it seems people on YouTube only want to view fake UFO videos, and they ignore the real ones. The difference is obvious, but when you try to make a difference and get ignored, it cools your jets.”

Overall, netizens’ reception of the incident has been polarized, with some stating that the object was indeed a planet, while others have maintained that the mysterious sighting looked far too strange to be a natural celestial body. Others have noted that the movements of the object in Wheatman’s video were a bit too fast for a planet and thus, the footage of the UFO might actually capture something out of this world.

[Featured Image by Pixabay]