Song-Song And ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Crew Celebrate One-Year Anniversary

About one year ago, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aired a K-drama that would go on to make a huge international impact, similar to what My Love From Another Star did three years before it. It was called Descendants of the Sun. Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, known collectively as Song-Song, the K-drama touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the world with its mix of intense suspense, comedy, and romance. At its core, Descendants of the Sun wove together numerous K-drama genres into one, telling a phenomenal love story between a soldier and a doctor.

Now Descendants of the Sun is one year old. The Song-Song couple, along with the Descendants of the Sun crew, have come together to celebrate the K-drama’s milestone.

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For those who don’t know what Descendants of the Sun is, it was a KBS K-drama that aired in March, 2016. It started to receive a lot of hype back in 2015 for being Song Hye Kyo’s return to K-dramas after she was suspected of tax evasion. Many K-drama fans were upset that she was even cast, especially after spending a huge amount of money for a house for her mother. Ultimately, they forgot all about the tax evasion situation as Hye Kyo delivered one of the best performances in any K-drama she’s ever performed in.

Everything about Descendants of the Sun — the promotion, the casting, the acting, the production, and everything else in between — just aligned right for it to become a breakthrough hit. It did not reach juggernaut viewership status like Moon Embracing the Sun, but it is considered the latest K-drama to make the biggest international impact since My Love From Another Star.

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To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Descendants of the Sun, the Song-Song couple, along with many cast and crew members of the popular K-drama reunited, as reported by Korean news outlet Insight. Song Hye Kyo uploaded a collage of photos from the get-together on Saturday, March 18, on her official Instagram account, as shown in the attached post above.

Not only did all in attendance celebrate the one-year anniversary of Descendants of the Sun, they also celebrated Song Joong Ki’s recent win at the 29th Korea Producer Awards. He won in the acting category for playing “Big Boss” Captain Yoo Si Jin.

Nevertheless, it seems like Descendants of the Sun will not slow down anytime soon. Besides the constant stream of gossip and celebrity news surrounding the Song-Song couple being a real couple and possibly getting married, many K-drama fans are waiting to see if KBS will announce a possible second season of Descendants of the Sun. From what we know, it won’t be a true second season, but a spin-off concentrating on the second leads from the original, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won.

While K-drama fans wait for further word by KBS, they can at least fall back on the fact there will be a C-movie adaption of Descendants of the Sun. There is uncertainty if K-drama fans will like the C-movie since Koreans and the Chinese have different directing and acting styles. All one has to do is watch any Chinese remake of K-drama or K-movie or vice versa.

Congratulations to Descendants of the Sun on the one-year anniversary. For those who are interested in watching the K-drama, it can be viewed on DramaFever, Viki, or OnDemandKorea depending on region availability.

[Featured Image by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)]