Public Fumes As Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Trips Cost More Than Meals On Wheels

Christine Beswick - Author

Mar. 18 2017, Updated 8:20 a.m. ET

In a budget titled “America First: Blueprint To Make America Great Again,But,” Donald Trump proposed gutting funding to programs that reduce homelessness and feed the elderly and children. Donald Trump then booked his Mar-a-Lago trip for this weekend, a trip that would cost taxpayers millions federally, and hundreds of thousands municipally, per visit, in Palm Beach. The public is not happy.

Meanwhile, an old Vanity Fair photo shoot of Melania Trump eating “diamond pasta” and drinking “diamond smoothies” is making the rounds in light of increased costs to American taxpayers by the Trump family.

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The Independent reports that the most recent budget proposed by the Trump Administration includes cuts to programs that fund the arts, homelessness projects, access to higher education for the less fortunate, and agencies such as Meals on Wheels.

The National Endowment for the Arts receives $152 million a year, the US Interagency Council for Homelessness receives $4 million a year, the Senior Community Service Employment Program receives $434 million a year, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars receives $11 million a year. All of these are on the chopping block to either gut completely or in part.

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The Department of Health and Human Services is also targeted for a slash of 17.2 percent of federal funding, and this is the department that funds Meals on Wheels. The total of all of these funding cuts is over $600 million dollars.

To keep Melania Trump housed in Trump Tower as opposed to the White House costs American taxpayers $500 thousand dollars daily, up to over $180 million a year if she stays there all year. Donald Trump spent the first 11 of his first 33 days in office at his Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago resort, reports CBS News. He is there again this weekend.

The White House will not release the costs of those triHowever,estimating how much it cost President Obama to attend Florida visits during his terms, each visit reportedly costs taxpayers approximately $3 million dollars. With four visits already under his belt, Donald Trump has already cost taxpayers $12 million. This weekend’s visit is his fifth.

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These costs are only the costs to get Donald Trump there, and do not include the municipal costs encountered by Palm Beach when the president is in town. It is estimated that if Donald Trump continues Mar-a-Lago visits at this pace, and is in office for four years, those costs will amount to over $600 million dollars, the same amount he is cutting for the elderly, children, homeless, and people that need access to higher education.

The Twitter protests against the president that said he was going to “Drain the Swamp” and remove the rich from the White House have begun.

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This weekend’s visit for Donald Trump to Mar-a-Lago is going to cost more than previous reports CBS. This weekend Donald Trump is hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping, which will add an additional $3 million in security costs. That the president even uses Mar-a-Lago for White House business, and calls Mar-a-Lago the “Winter White House” also infuriates the public, who believe he is desecrating the respect for the actual White House, and also compromising the national security of the nation.

In February, a guest at Mar-a-Lago snapped a photo of the official that carries the nuclear football. This is not something that is to be seen by the general public. The resort guest then posted a photo of the nuclear football to his Facebook page, and then took it down after a public outcry.

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Multiple means are implemented to secure Mar-a-Lago for Donald Trump and the Administration when they visit, but no building could ever be as secure as the actual White House. Further, each method used to secure Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers money.

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort has Secret Service detail on the grounds and surrounding the grounds every time he visits. The United States Coast Guard also must secure the waters surrounding the property. For President Obama, these costs were estimated around $800 thousand. These expenses do not include the municipal costs to Palm Beach for each visit.

The operation of Air Force One for each visit is extensive and comes out of the taxpayer’s pockets. CBS reports that Air Force One costs $180,000 hourly to operate. Each trip to Florida, one way, costs more than $700,000.

Donald Trump was highly critical of President Obama for his vacation costs and time. But Donald Trump has already, in 50 days, spent what President Obama did in one year.

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The municipal costs are significant as well, with businesses in Palm Beach, or wherever Donald Trump travels, losing business whenever he arrives. At Lantana Airport in Palm Beach County, airspace is restricted when Donald Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago, and it costs the airport $30,000 in lost business every time.


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