‘Mr Robot’ Season 3 Release This Fall: Whiterose, Dark Army Become More Involved

Fans will definitely see the Mr. Robot Season 3 release date arrive this year, though it will arrive at a much later date than most fans have probably expected. However, the slightly delayed airing will hopefully be offset by a more intense plot next season, as hinted by the upgraded status from recurring to series regular of a Mr. Robot cast member who plays an enigmatic character in the series.

10-Episode Mr. Robot Season 3 Release Date Coming This Fall

A fall Mr. Robot Season 3 release may not be what fans of USA Network’s hit hacker conspiracy series have in mind. In previous seasons, the show premiered earlier, a trend that fans had expected to continue on its third season.

For instance, the show debuted in June 2015, while the second season was out on July last year. However, USA Network recently revealed that the Mr. Robot Season 3 air date will arrive by October this year, though a definite date is still to be announced, as reported by Den of Geek.

Fans can expect changes in the dynamics of the fsociety members in Mr Robot Season 3
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While no official statement was given to explain the slightly delayed release date this season, word on the street says that the move was made to give showrunner Sam Esmail ample time to come up with a well-crafted Mr. Robot Season 3. The showrunner will be directing all of the third season’s 10 episodes.

Dark Army Becomes More Involved

While details of the Mr. Robot Season 3 plot are still under wraps, there is one thing that fans may look forward to this upcoming season. The Dark Army, as well as its enigmatic leader Whiterose, will be given more screen time, hinting that the group will have greater involvement in the coming season’s plot.

BD Wong, the actor who plays Whiterose on screen, was promoted from being a recurring cast member to a full-time Mr. Robot Season 3 cast member. Of course, this means that Whiterose will become more involved in the storyline next season and, by association, the Dark Army seems poised to have a much larger role to play as well.

The Dark Army is one of the mysterious organizations in the show that is yet to shed off its mask. Yes, they might have assisted the Elliot and the fsociety especially with their hack against Ecorp. However, aside from the fact that it appears to be headed by Whiterose, not much is known about the ultra-elusive organization, which makes Elliot’s fsociety rather amateurish at being incognito in comparison.

There are even speculations that the Dark Army was able to send one of its own to spy on Elliot during his time in prison. Of course, the implication is that the organization is in a totally different league compared to fsociety if it can send one of their people (Joey Bada$$) inside the U.S. prison system and pull him out when they had to.

Mr Robot Season 3 arrives by October 2017.
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New Member Joins Mr. Robot Season 3 Cast

Meanwhile, a new face joins the cast in the coming season. It was revealed that actor Bobby Cannavale will be playing a role in Mr. Robot Season 3, as reported by Empire.

Mr. Cannavale, who is known for his involvement with Empire and Vinyl, will play Irving, a used car salesman. A used car salesman may seem a little out of place in a show populated by evil as well as not-so-evil hackers so fans should not be too surprised if Irving suddenly pulls out a laptop during his spare time.

Things To Look Forward In Season 3

Speaking of Joey Bada$$ as Leon, there are speculations that the friendship he managed to forged with Elliot while behind bars will get tested in Mr. Robot Season 3. Of course, despite what Leon might have done to help him survive in prison, it does not erase the fact that Leon is working for the Dark Army.

Fans are likewise intrigued on what could happen to Elliot’s with the other characters. There is, of course, Tyrell who shot him confirming that he is very much alive and real despite Elliot’s previous belief that he had died. And two of the fsociety members who were last seen discussing the damage of their hack, as if implying that perhaps something could be done to reverse the damage.

Fans can definitely expect an exciting season up ahead. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for the latest news and updates, especially on the announcement of the Mr. Robot Season 3 air date by USA Network.

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